Colin’s desk-bound lifestyle left his fitness at a low point.

Now aged 54, he hadn’t been near a gym for decades, and the worse his health got, the unhappier he felt.

But on secondment to Sydney and away from his family, he resolved to take time to work on himself, tune up his fitness, and shake up his lifestyle for good.

Over 28 weeks with Ultimate Performance, Colin has radically transformed his body to the point where his work colleagues didn’t even recognise him when he came back.

He has lost 23kg (51lbs), got back to running and become a strong and healthy role model for his children.

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“I haven’t been in a gym for 30 years and I’ve never trained properly in a gym until I came here.”    

 “Without one iota of doubt, it’s one of the best investments I’ve made.    

“By the time I’m finished here, going back to London, I will be 12% body fat and I will have lost more than 23kg (51lbs). 

I’ve started running again and I haven’t run in 10 years – now I run 10ks, I’m going swimming out in the ocean, having a great time and I feel so much healthier.”   

Colin had always struggled to make time to focus on his health and fitness before he started a transformation journey at Ultimate Performance.  

From erratic schedules and making time for the kids, to stop-start DIY fitness routines and poor habits, Colin felt he couldn’t turn things around on his own.  

Feeling drained, unhappy and out of ideas, he put his health in the hands of a professional trainer at U.P. 

“I wasn’t happy with my diet, the amount I was drinking, and the exercise that I was doing. 

I wasn’t happy with my fitnessso there was a level of unhappiness around a number of things. I wanted to try and get those under control and do something about it.  

I’ve been sent to Sydney for six or seven months, posted from London. I knew my family was only going to be able to join me for a short time therefore I wanted to make a commitment and get myself into a better position.”  

Having a trainer alongside him every step of the way and a holistic program that focused not just on maximising his training, but also on perfecting his diet, optimising his lifestyle and building health habits was transformative.  

Having experts in his corner helped him achieve results he could never have achieved alone.  

“The professionalism and the knowledge that U.P. have about training equipment is the best thing. 

 “It’s all about technique, getting results, and encouragement from the trainers who are around.  

The focus on keeping me on the straight and narrow, the encouragement, and the direction was outstanding. 

After years of inactivity and dwindling health, Colin saw just how powerful exercise can be. He could see and feel the dramatic difference in himself.  

“I was flabbergasted that I didn’t see myself in the state that I was at that time and I was accepting of a state that was not good for me in any respect.  

“I was worried that I would come to training early in the morning and how would I feel during the day. 

“It’s astounding how physical exercise is really important in terms of giving you structure and helps you concentrate.  

“It’s an entirely positive atmosphere and I want to carry on training because I never fully appreciated how important weight training is in terms of posture and keeping yourself fit.  

“I’m going to be keeping up as soon as the gyms are open in London so that I can be at some pools.”

Colin’s drastic physical transformation not only brought out his inner youth but changed his family’s life, while leaving his colleagues – who he hasn’t met in months – in complete awe.  

“I haven’t seen some of my colleagues for 6 or 7 months and I met two of them separately and they were gobsmacked. What I found was that they were always coming back to talking about how I was looking much younger.  

One of them didn’t recognise me and she was trying to work out who it was and I said ‘This is Colin from London’. She said, Yes I know. I just don’t know what to say because you’ve just changed so much.’ I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved. 

“My wife was across for a short while in Sydney as well as my oldest daughter. I know Susan came and trained for 6 or 7 weeks and even that transformed her.  

My kids are also inspired. They’re young, fit, and healthy, but I think that they can see what more they can achieve by seeing. I like to think that I’ve set a good example to them.”  



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