Tony has found the perfect balance between work, travel, and fitness to get in the best shape of his life at 49.

As a marketing director in Dubai, he was travelling so much that he barely spent any time at home and his fitness regime fell by the wayside.

His life revolved between planes, airports, hotels, and restaurants.

But his jet-setting, high-stress lifestyle came at a cost – a widening midriff, mounting weight, and all the associated problems that come with being out of shape.

However, it all changed when he bumped into his old boss on a flight. The man looked fabulous, and Tony finally got around to asking him his secret over dinner – Ultimate Performance. Tony knew right away that he just had to sign up too.


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“I actually knew the benefits of weight training and nutrition, and I knew the requirement of being disciplined around it.

“My challenge was to find the right support because my travel schedule is quite crazy. I think that’s the difference with U.P. – it doesn’t matter how many times over the course of a month I could make it into a gym, I had contact with my trainer pretty much every day, and that makes a massive difference – that you are not doing it alone.”

Tony was with U.P. Dubai for 22 weeks, and during this time, he lost 17kg in weight, 17cm off his waist, and halved his body fat.

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Tony’s biggest challenge before coming to U.P. was his lifestyle. He was always on the move and found it almost impossible to follow any type of routine activity.

“My motivation for joining U.P. was that earlier this year, I got really aware that I was out of shape. I have always benefited from having quite a good, latent fitness, so even when I was quite overweight, I was still able to run.

“I had been through a transformation much earlier when I had moved countries. I had put on a lot of weight, and I had managed to lose all of it. But this time around, my travel schedule was making it impossible. I had tried personal training, and it wasn’t working out for me and my schedule. So that’s when I decided to look into U.P.

“I think obviously one of the big challenges with travelling so much is not just doing the workouts but also the nutrition plan. It’s partly motivation and partly planning.”

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Tony found both of these elements at U.P. as the programme is designed for maximum support – both inside and outside of the gym.

During the transformation period, his U.P. trainer became a part of his life – it wasn’t just about teaching technique in the gym, the 360° support touched every corner of his daily routine.

“I think the biggest thing is being accountable – to yourself, but also to your trainer, which makes you accountable for yourself.

“Giving you that support, checking in on what you have eaten today, checking in to find out if you have done your workout. But also giving you the confidence to ask for what you need.”

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Previously, Tony would have just eaten whatever he felt like or been too polite to ask for specific food swaps when eating out at restaurants.

But now he is empowered with the knowledge of the right foods to order and has the backing of his personal trainer when needed.

“What I have been doing now is planning ahead. I look at the menu, send my trainer the menu, get their advice on what I should be choosing, and if there is nothing on the menu, then I would just have something really plain.

“Every restaurant has a chef and kitchen, right? So, if I want a grilled chicken and salad, they can always do that.

“The other thing I found was that by focusing on my nutrition and training, it gave structure to my travel.

“So often when you travel you are bored, so you have a drink, you eat something, and you veg out because you are trying to decompress between meetings and work, but actually going to the gym and eating healthy gave me more energy and actually just made my travel experience much more purposeful.”

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