Tomer had always dreamed of having a six-pack – but Ultimate Performance Sydney helped him go one better, sculpting an awe-inspiring eight-pack and losing 14kg in the process.

For years, 35-year-old Tomer had focussed on training consistently and eating healthily, but those jaw-dropping results always eluded him.

He decided to up his game and train with the experts and joined U.P. Sydney to get to his goal.

Seventeen weeks later and 14kg lighter and Tomer is in the shape of his life.

“My results were outstanding. I went after a six-pack and got an eight-pack instead. For the first time in my life, I had a body I always imagined I’d achieve, and people noticed. I get asked every day how I built a body like this.”

“The knowledge you learn at U.P. cannot be unlearned. It shapes the decisions you make every day. The best thing is that I continued outside U.P. and continued to improve.”


 Tomerg-30s-17wk-pt-syd-front-900 Ultimate Performance


Tomer already had some substantial experience of training and healthy eating behind him, but the U.P. programme really helped him step up his game.

He loved the process; he relished the challenge and dove into it with real fire and enthusiasm. Naturally, results came in thick and fast.

“I am mainly on a Paleo diet and have been training for seven years on CrossFit and combat sports. Knowing what I know now, I was seemingly making a lot of healthy choices, but I wasn’t eating for the body I wanted.

“Sporadic research really cannot compare to experienced professionals who can craft the perfect methodology to get you to your dream body and keep you there.

“With the U.P. programme, I stopped training for caloric burn and started training to shape my body.

“With the diet, it became the right food, at the right time, for my body to get what it needed from the food. My body got what it needed, not what it wanted. You end up making dietary decisions that serve you in the long run versus short-term gratification.”

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‘Journey’ is a word often overused in the fitness industry, but that’s precisely what the programme has felt like for Tomer – a path towards building new habits, learning the art of training, understanding nutrition and the effect it has on his body and brain.

“At U.P., right from the first day, you kind of feel like you’re on this really interesting transformation.

“By the second week, I had already lost 3.5kg, and I didn’t really have an excessive base to start with.

“So when you think about how motivating it is to start losing a significant percentage of your body fat in the early days, the effects are absolutely compounding. They keep you motivated, and the more you train, the more you lose, the more you lose, the more you train, and it becomes this snowball effect of excitement and performance.

“An interesting side effect is my high energy levels that are constant throughout the day. You are stronger whether you are tapping your mental or physical state.”

 Tomerg-30s-17wk-pt-syd-back-900 Ultimate Performance


Tomer bills U.P.’s transformation programme as absolutely fail-proof. His only caveat is commitment. According to him, it is eminently achievable, but you have to want it enough.

“It definitely works! All those ‘before and afters’ that you see are actually incredible testimonials to the amount of knowledge, motivation, and care that trainers at U.P. put into it.

“But the thing that I found the most powerful is that you really have to want it. You can’t just literally turn up and expect the results in that short amount of time. It becomes a lifestyle, and if you really want it from the depths of your soul, you absolutely will achieve it at the end.”

“You come in here for 45 minutes, you get a solid workout, but it doesn’t end there; this is a complete lifestyle change. You’re dramatically changing your lifestyle to focus on those results, and so it is extraordinarily important to have your trainer there for every calorie and for every step you take throughout the day. It helps you understand that you’re not on this journey alone, and someone’s really there fighting for you as well.”

For Tomer, the difference in being in average shape to getting the body he never thought possible has been the dedicated, expertise and professionalism of the U.P. Sydney team behind him all the way.

“If you want results from trainers who actually know what they are doing and have the evidence to prove it, U.P. will absolutely make it happen for you.

“There is no way you can fail if you follow absolutely everything they tell you. Trust your trainer and trust the process.

“What U.P. gave me can be summarized in one sentence – complete mastery of my body.”

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