A big item on Sophie’s ‘must do before I turn 30’ list was getting fit and healthy.

She wanted to achieve peak fitness levels and get her dream body before her milestone birthday.

But working out in the local gym just wasn’t getting her the results she needed.

So she decided to turn up the intensity and she signed up for a body transformation programme at Ultimate Performance Hong Kong.

With the U.P. training and nutrition programme it took Sophie just 22 weeks to lose 10kg and get her body fat down to 14%.

All these numbers translated into a leaner and stronger physique – just like her childhood role model Lara Croft.


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“I feel pretty proud of the transformation I have achieved, and it has given me a new sense of confidence.

“I actually took pictures in a bathing suit and put them on Instagram, which usually I would never do, but I did it because I was so proud of what I have done.”

Sophie was living the usual party lifestyle of a girl in her 20s – too much drinking, followed by too much greasy food.

“I was generally okay with myself and my body before I did the transformation, but I knew I could do better.

“I had a basic awareness about healthy food. However, I was often lazy and ate out.

“Also, I actually greatly overestimated the amount of protein I needed. On top of that, I also went out to party a lot.”

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U.P. helped her make sweeping changes that took her from good to great.

This started with her diet on day one.

“U.P. got me back to cooking more for myself, and I actually greatly enjoy it.

“Taking time to prepare food and going to the markets to buy fresh vegetables have given me a new appreciation for what I put into my body.

“I also cut down massively on alcohol and actually enjoy my weekends much better without a hangover.

“I learned more about nutrition and got a new appreciation for cooking.

“My trainer was always of great help with my transformation, and the accountability towards him made sticking to the meal plans and workout routine much easier.”

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The training programme that Sophie went through was a challenge too. There was a real focus on quality over quantity, with her training just three hours a week.

But the effort and dedication Sophie put in brought results.

Along with her hard work, being answerable to her personal trainer ensured that she stuck to her programme faithfully.

In the end, Sophie left U.P. not just with a great body, but with a new lifestyle to support her long-term fitness goals.

“I have a lot more energy now and have a pretty active lifestyle. Whereas before I was okay with spending a whole day on the couch, I now go out for a walk or run instead.

“What I found surprising is that it also changed me mentally. I feel more confident and generally more energised.”

 Sophiel-20s-22wk-pt-hk-back-900 Ultimate Performance


Sophie has conquered her diet and earned the body she always knew she could have.

This has taught her that she can achieve anything in life with a clear plan, a little motivation and a lot of hard work.

“The biggest benefit is definitely my stronger, leaner body, but also the sense that I can achieve a lot of things if I put my mind to it.

“Through the transformation, I gained a new stronger self and got the tools to maintain a lean body. It just feels really good that I could do it.

“U.P. is definitely tough, and it requires some discipline and dedication. But the rules are pretty simple – if you follow them and listen to your trainer, then you can achieve the body that you want.

“I would recommend U.P. to people that want to improve their figure and mindset. If you want to achieve a massive lasting change, then you are in the right place.”

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