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Sian was so unhappy with the way she looked that she refused to be photographed for over a year.

This increasingly negative body image was affecting her life profoundly, and she was hyper-aware of feeling fat every waking moment of the day.

She couldn’t go on feeling this way – something had to change, and with the help of Ultimate Performance Manchester it did.

Alongside her trainer, Sian lost nearly 20kg, two dress sizes and 30cm off her waist – but the biggest thing she gained was confidence and that feel-good factor that comes with it.

Her smile is back and everyone has noticed.

“It’s nice to look in the mirror and actually be happy to look at myself rather than avoiding eye contact with myself because I was so unhappy earlier.

“I feel more energetic; I feel more happy and positive. Opening up my wardrobe in the morning is a joy now because I can fit in all my old clothes and happily go shopping for new clothes because I’m no longer looking at the larger sizes.”

Before she started at U.P. Manchester, Sian’s weight was making her more and more reclusive – she was avoiding friends and family, and the more she cut herself off from people, the worse she felt.

“I think my weight affected me in many ways. So I was turning down invitations to social events where I thought I don’t really want to be seen like this; I would rather just stay inside.

“So it did mean that I lost contact with friends as well because I think they got used to me turning them down and declining.

“I think my family saw a difference in me as well and was aware of how unhappy I was becoming and that I needed to make a change to improve not only my physical health but my mental health as well.”

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From the moment she started at U.P., she could feel the changes occurring by the day.

Her diet came under control, and targeted training started melting the fat.

Sian saw improvement in other areas of her life too – reducing stress in her work.

“So, when I started at U.P., I was the heaviest and the largest clothes size I’d ever been. I had to buy size 14 trousers which I’ve never done before, and I was embarrassed by it.

“Sitting down, I’d feel the layers of skin that would be under my chest, and it was horrible.

“I’d have to readjust my position to make it feel like I couldn’t feel those layers of fat, and it was after a couple of weeks of training that I realised I wasn’t feeling that anymore. I’ve got my tone coming back, and finally, I realised that I could sit down and relax comfortably without feeling that I had all these excess layers that shouldn’t have been there.”

“I can feel a difference in the way my clothes feel, the way I walk in them. Everything just feels better; I feel as if my body is in a much better proportion now.”

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The results – both mental and physical – soon became obvious to everyone, and Sian was further motivated by everyone’s acknowledgement and compliments.

Now she can’t stop smiling!

“It’s not easy; you have to put a lot of effort into it, but the results are definitely worth it, and I think people can see the change in my personality.

“They can see how much happier I am, how much more positive I am, and how I just walk so much more confidently now.

“Feeling comfortable in my skin makes me a much happier and nicer person to be around, and my parents have commented on that and said how it’s so much nicer to be around someone who has got a much more positive outlook on life, and that is really completely down to training and getting myself back to how I was before.

“I think I’m smiling more, and that’s not just with my cheesy grin, but I think it shows in my eyes as well, and people recognise that and can see that I’m a nice person and that’s because I’ve been training.”

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The whole U.P. experience has been utterly transformative for Sian.

She feels like a different person to the one who walked through the doors of the gym 12 weeks earlier.

With U.P., Sian feels like she has a partner for life.

“My experience with U.P. has been incredible. The trainers are so supportive. You just feel welcome as soon as you get here and I think that’s what makes people stay and I’m definitely going to continue training at U.P. because I just don’t know where I would be without these trainers.

“They made me turn the corner and got me these results, and I couldn’t have done it alone.”

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