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Samantha was on the verge of giving up. She felt she had so much weight to lose that she didn’t believe that turning things around was even possible.

A lifetime of failed diets and feeling trapped in a cycle of bad food and bad choices only reinforced in her mind the impossibility of it all – until she overheard somebody raving about Ultimate Performance Cheshire at her local pub.

Seeing the results on the U.P. website, and reading the testimonials of clients who had overcome the issues she was struggling so badly with, convinced her that there was still hope.

When Samantha first started at U.P. Cheshire, she weighed 106kg and felt like she had a mountain to climb.

But over the course of 6 months, her trainer guided her step by step through a life-changing transformation which not only helped her lose 34kg in weight and 32cm off her waistline, but swap bad habits for healthy ones.

 Samanthah-30s-26wk-pt-che-front-900 Ultimate Performance


Now Samantha feels like she has got her spark back.

“It’s changed my relationship with my body completely. I think I have sort of hated my body because I was so overweight. Now I respect it a bit more, and I kind of look back and feel bad about how poorly I have treated it.

“I really like clothes and things like that, so being actually able to walk into a shop and think I can try on anything in here is awesome! It might look awful, but it would be because of the clothes and not because I am squashed into it.”

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Samantha had always struggled with weight issues, even in school. It had shaped her personality and mindset. Constant failure to stick to diets or reduce her weight led to an overall negative approach to food and other habits.

“My previous lifestyle habits made me feel horrendous at all levels. I think I was just eating food that was bad for me – chocolate, processed food, etc. that made me feel tired, and I obviously put on weight.

“Because I was tired, I was going for more sugar, and it felt like I was stuck in a cycle of eating bad food and being sedentary. So it made me feel physically quite tired and mentally quite slow.

“I have done all types of diets; most of them were quite restrictive, along with some cardio, which I thought was the only way to lose weight.

“It’s really quite a consuming thing for me. I have had periods of being on very restrictive diets and been totally focused on losing weight. I think that then I have become a bit obsessed with that, and it sort of works for a bit, and then I fail because it’s too restrictive and not sustainable, and therefore, I would end up feeling like a failure and putting on more weight.

“I just wanted to try something different, and U.P. sounded like a completely new way of approaching weight loss.”

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The results came really quickly. She wasn’t very surprised as most diets started with a weight drop. But this time she felt really good and was motivated to carry on. For once, diet control and exercising didn’t feel like a chore.

“Here I could see how the food tied up with the rest of it and how if I ate properly, I was performing better in the gym. Quite quickly, the U.P. transformation became more than just trying to lose weight; it became more about listening to my body.

“I actually don’t think I have listened to it at all; I have just sort of shovelled terrible food in, and if I felt I have got no energy, I have totally crashed and gone for a sugar overload.

“Now I have learnt that if I feel like I don’t have any energy, I need to feed myself good carbs. In the past – because I never had an understanding of how it links together – I ate a lot of bread or cake which felt good for a minute, but was always followed by a horrible crash later.”

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Samantha is leading an absolutely different life now – the weight loss has not just changed her outward appearance but fundamentally reset the limits of what she feels capable of.

“I came into it thinking this is just about the physical side of it. Historically, when I encountered something hard, I would think I can’t do it. And here I feel I have had an epiphany in the gym where when something’s hard it’s actually a good thing, and I am challenging myself. I now know that I can achieve way more than what my brain is telling me I can do.

“It’s changed my life completely, and I am not like a gushing, dramatic person, but even my family can see that it goes beyond the physical. Obviously, I am looking better, but they can see that I have got my spark back; I am happier. If I could go back, I would tell myself to do it a lot earlier.”

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