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Rahila was in good shape but she knew she could be in great shape.

Despite years of dedicated training, running and outdoor activities, she could never look at herself in the mirror and say ‘This is the best shape of my life.’

Having trained with us previously, 36-year-old Rahila came back to Ultimate Performance Mayfair for more!

Since she started the second round of personal training, she’s shaved 5kg off her already-trim frame and cut over a third of her body fat to sculpt a figure that even she can barely believe.

“When I saw the photoshoot images, it was surreal. It was as if I was seeing someone else’s photos.

“I was like ‘God, who is this?’ I didn’t expect the photos to come out so well; it’s like scoring A+ in school!

“Now I look at myself and I am finally in the shape of my life!”

Rahila had signed up to U.P. to find a sense of closure after dropping out of her first transformation programme.

She knew exactly the look she wanted to achieve and was convinced that U.P. was the place to make it happen.

“They’re the best in the business, I’ve trained at U.P. before, so I knew what I was signing up for and what U.P. had to offer.

“Luckily, I had a trainer who was totally in sync with my thought process.”

Rahila entered U.P. expecting the best, but she still got so more than she was hoping for – an elite trainer who was uncompromising on quality, who brought in-depth knowledge of weight training along with a hefty dose of accountability.

“I was pretty confident about my technique because I have lifted weights for three years, but along comes Jenny, my trainer, and she has eagle eyes, and every rep had to be on point – no lousy reps allowed!

“And that was exactly the kind of discipline and focus I needed to get the kind of results I was looking for.

“I’ve always watched my diet, and my lifestyle has also been fairly stable; what I lacked was consistency to stick to a training and nutrition plan with close monitoring and advice on what’s working or not working.”


Six weeks into the training, Rahila and her trainer booked a photoshoot to really get laser-focused on achieving the best results possible.

The idea took hold and became an added source of motivation.

For Rahila, who had never had a flat stomach and was too body conscious even to wear shorts, lining up a photoshoot was a massive show of faith in U.P. and her trainer.

“Initially, I wasn’t sure I would ever get lean enough to do a U.P. photoshoot! But it exceeded my expectations.

“My trainer supported me immensely throughout the process and run-up, and on the day, of course!

“I have never had anything like this in any of the other places I have trained before where they have the confidence to say ‘Listen, you can be in front of the camera, and we will get you there.’

“When you see people around you investing in your goal and respecting it, the intention to succeed becomes 10 times stronger.”


Rahila’s biggest realisation from the transformation process was that achieving success is about 50% the right mental attitude.

She learned how to focus and how to motivate herself to stick to her training, and she applied her new-found mental strength to other parts of her life.

“It’s an environment where there is no pretending. It’s you, the equipment and your trainer. There is no messing about, no waste of time or chit-chat – it’s one hour of pure training. It is about focus, working with yourself, understanding yourself.

“The initial weeks were tough as my body and mind were adapting to the new routine and diet, then it started coming together.

“It’s a 50/50 split – if you’ve got your head in the game, the body will follow.”



Despite her steely new attitude, it wasn’t always smooth sailing. But having the keen eye of a professional trainer guiding her through the process was priceless in reaching her goal.

“Weight loss is not linear, so there were days where I felt low and directionless, but that’s where communicating with the trainer and being honest and accountable matters the most.”

There’s no doubt about it – Rahila loves the results she achieved with Ultimate Performance.

“There will be many reasons to quit, and only one reason to keep going – so persistence is key.

“It taught me that I could keep going long after I think I’m done… as I said earlier, the atmosphere at U.P. is very no-nonsense – their goal is to get you in the shape of your life, and all it takes is all you got!”



For her, investing in her health and wellbeing has been worth its weight in gold.

“I would definitely like to continue training because, for me, it’s a way of life.

“People always say ‘Oh my god, why do people invest so much in a gym when they can run outside?’ But to me, that’s like saying why would someone go to a local college rather than going to a Harvard or an MIT. You go there because of the value you get.

“U.P. is like the Ivy League of gyms.

“This is not a vanity studio; it’s a serious training academy. You come here because you want the best results.”

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