Peter was set to become a father for the second time – but stepping on the scales was a huge wake-up call.

He was 35 and had slowly been sliding into middle-aged unhealthiness for a number of years.

But seeing the number on the scales showing that he had gained a steady 15kg since his university days was a sobering moment.

Feeling the effect of this weight gain on his everyday life, he knew he needed a change – with a new baby on the way, he needed to be in the best shape possible.

He zeroed in on Ultimate Performance Sydney with the promise of ‘maximum results in minimum time’ – and he wasn’t disappointed.

Peter quickly achieved his initial goal of losing 10kg in a matter of weeks and ended up shedding a total of 16kg and a honing a body he still can barely believe.

“Signing up to programme at U.P. Sydney is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

“I have lost almost 16kg in the time that I’ve been at U.P.

“It’s been really eye-opening and amazing to see the results that can be achieved by following an exercise-nutrition programme.”


 Peterb-30s-21wk-pt-syd-front-900 Ultimate Performance


When Peter started, his main goal was to become more energetic and healthy for his children.

He was already having trouble keeping up with his 4-year-old and knew that adding a baby to the mix would require much more stamina.

So, our first order of the day was to change his unhealthy takeout lifestyle.

“My wife and I tend to order a lot of takeout, Uber Eats, etc. I never used to cook for myself.

“Ever since starting the nutrition programme and tracking my calories, I’ve been cooking for myself.

“We have definitely added a lot more fruits and vegetables to our diet.

“U.P. has definitely changed my perspective on food; now, I don’t just eat for the sake of eating. I see food as a fuel source to help achieve my goals in the gym.”

 Peterb-30s-21wk-pt-syd-side-900 Ultimate Performance


His trainer, Viviene, created a bespoke training programme alongside his tailored diet that was built around his goals.

Once the one-two combo of diet and training took effect, the results started rolling in.

“It’s been really motivating and amazing to see the change in my body composition – steadily losing body fat and weight and really reaching my goals.

“My trainer is knowledgeable, friendly, and works me hard by pushing me to the limit.

“I shed 10kg within a 10-week period, and I’ve never felt stronger or healthier.

“I just wanted to continue on to see where I could go from there, so I ended up adding another 10 sessions to my initial 12-week programme. I came down to 60kg which was amazing for me because I’ve never been this way since my university days.”

His results have stunned his friends and family and made him understandably quite proud of his achievements.

Peter is determined not to slide back to his bad old ways and plans to use all the knowledge he has gained to maintain his hard-won physique.

“I am amazed, and so is everyone else!

“Definitely the speed of the weight loss as well and the change to my body composition has been very dramatic.

“My wife’s noticed as well that I’m leaner and have got more energy.

“Friends and family are always commenting about my body now, and it’s been really positive.”

 Peterb-30s-21wk-pt-syd-back-900 Ultimate Performance


Peter says he certainly looks better. But what’s perhaps most surprising for him is just how much better he feels.

Getting leaner and healthier has turned back the clock and skyrocketed his confidence and drive.

“I feel more motivated, and seeing the results of my training has made me feel better about myself.

“I have more energy, and I am stronger as well – seeing those results made me feel younger in a way.

“I guess that means I’ve got more energy for my kids; especially my daughter – who has just been born – and my other child as well. I can keep up with them.”

What seemed like a big step into the unknown with U.P. now feels like a great investment in himself.

“Initially I was wary of the price – it’s not like any other common gym – but I wanted to give it a go for 12 weeks.

“Once I started to see the amazing results I was getting week by week with my trainer, it was clear that U.P. is definitely great value for money.

“That’s what led me to continue on even after my 12-week programme; I was reaching my goals, and I just wanted to see where I could go from there.

“I think all the principles that I’ve learned in terms of my nutrition and my exercise programmes are things that I’ll take on board for the rest of my life – it’s definitely worth the money.”

Drop the excessive weight and work towards a happier family life.
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