Patrick was taking stock of his life as his 40th birthday approached.

He had always been sporty as a youngster, but the years had added weight and unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Staring 40 in the face, Patrick felt ready to commit to a change.

The intensive body transformation programme at Ultimate Performance Dubai seemed like the best way to start, so he signed right up.

“I was extremely pleased with the results – I lost around 15kg in the space of 11 weeks, which was noticeable to family and friends, which in turn made me feel more confident.”


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Patrick’s recent move to Dubai accelerated his declining fitness levels. He was eating out more and exercising less which sent his health, his body and his weight spiralling out of control.

“I had seen my weight increase over a couple of years, while my general fitness levels were moving in the opposite direction.

“Having played a lot of sports in my younger years, I was used to feeling fit and healthy, but as my fitness declined and my weight increased, I was becoming more and more conscious of my weight and physical appearance.

“The bad eating and drinking habits were also affecting my sleep, and I felt lethargic.”

Patrick wanted to overhaul his lifestyle completely and move towards building healthier habits.

That started with getting to grips with his bespoke diet plan at U.P. and bedding in his new and healthy habits around food.

“Initially, I found the eating quite hard, as it was a significant reduction in calories, which in turn meant I was hungry and quite tired.

“However, it wasn’t long before I was feeling energised from the training, and I started to sleep better. This, in turn, led to my being more focused at work, and I made better use of my spare time.

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Apart from his diet, Patrick’s other main challenge was to remain injury-free. He had several old rugby injuries that tended to flare up when he trained incorrectly.

U.P.’s forensic focus on form and technique ensured that he remained free from injury and still reached his goals.

“The most important thing I learned was how to keep my form when working out. Recurring injuries caused me to take regular breaks from training until the latest injury passed.

“But Jaie, my P.T., took me back to basics, focusing on form and getting the most out of the exercise I was performing while avoiding further injuries. Having established the base, this led to a sustained period of regular training that I had not managed in years, which was key to achieving the results that I wanted.

“From my perspective, I think the best comments I have are about the training, keeping form, avoiding injuries, and getting a sustained period of training under my belt.

“Most of the testimonials I’ve seen focus on the physical results and don’t focus enough on the technical aspects, which is pretty important for people like me who break at the first sign of bad form.”


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Patrick’s impressive body transformation was just the start; he plans to continue training at U.P. and has set new goals that he is now looking forward to smashing.

“So far the focus has been very much on losing weight and getting body fat down and now that I have achieved it, I’ll probably try and continue to do that for a bit longer and after that probably change the goals to then start a bit muscle.”

“For someone like me, who used to suffer injuries every time I even looked at a pull-up bar, I can understand why they would be nervous about investing in a training programme at U.P.

“I had worked with personal trainers before that were more interested in crushing as many reps or lifting as heavy as possible rather than focusing on the form.

“However, the trainers at U.P. take time to focus on form and technique above all else – and it is this focus that sets the basis for the transformation.”

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