Martin says 40 is the new 20 after making an incredible transformation at Ultimate Performance Singapore.

Before coming to U.P., 43-year-old Martin had resigned himself to being out of shape and having a potbelly.

Despite being sporty his whole life, Martin just presumed six-pack abs were not in his DNA.

But speaking to friends who had gone through astonishing transformations with U.P. Singapore piqued his interest.

It seemed to Martin that his friends had all gone from plump and chubby to trim and toned, he figured maybe it could help him too.

So he decided to take the plunge with U.P., and the rest is history… including his ‘dad bod’.


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“I thought I was fit in my 20s, but no! The 40s are the new 20s. I am now in the best shape of my life!

“I dropped from 94kg to 82kg, and my body fat gone from 27% to 10%. Those are staggering numbers I never dreamt of achieving before joining U.P.”

Martin was doing fine both mentally and physically before he joined U.P., but he certainly wasn’t feeling his best. His friend’s transformation inspired him to explore a better physique, and he felt his active lifestyle would make the U.P. programme manageable.

“I am in my 40s and felt it was time to stop having a dad’s body. I have young children, and I want to be able to remain active while they are growing up, which means easily another 15 years of physical activity.

“I’ve been doing sports all my life; I play soccer, tennis, I jog. So I’d describe myself as a generally active person. However, I enjoy eating all the local food, nasi goreng, pratta, chicken curry, nasi briyani, and the list goes on.”

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His personalised nutrition plan at U.P. helped him swap all of the above for salad, eggs, and boiled chicken. The impact of the healthy diet was immediately evident on his waistline and on the scales.

“I came in a bit sceptical, and I thought that I have been exercising my whole life, and what I have now is the best that could be done with my body.

“But a few weeks into U.P., I started to see my weight quickly dropping. I was shedding almost a kilo a week. So I was really motivated to carry on.

“When I started to drop inches around the waist, the shirts became less tight, the pants started to have room, and it brings joy to you. People started to notice that you have lost weight, and you feel good about your achievement.”

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Beyond looking good, the U.P. transformation impacted his energy levels and performance on the playing field too.

Weight training also brought him a new realisation of his own willpower and gave him new-found confidence in his ability to make changes and achieve his goals.

“I went back to competitive football again, which I’d stopped doing about 10 years ago.

“Without the extra pounds, I have been able to run faster, longer, and be more agile.

“The same happened on the tennis court, the balls that I’d not been able to return previously, became within reach again. An overwhelming feeling of joy, similar to a child getting a new toy, is what best describes the impact.”

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Martin now knows that so much more is possible in life.

“The key impact for me is to know that ‘it can be done.’ Now that I have the knowledge and the belief, what remains is to not stop.

“I found through this programme that you can do a lot more than what your mind tells you you can do.

“Now, I am a U.P. believer. I must admit the money I spent was well spent. The U.P. guys know what they are doing, and if you follow their advice, you will get the results you haven’t even dreamt of.”

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