Age, time-constraints, career responsibilities and even Covid-19 lockdown – Mark has proved that these are just excuses. If you want to get fit, nothing can stop you.

Mark’s role as a CEO in Dubai meant his life was busy beyond belief – but at the age of 50, he knew it shouldn’t stop him from committing to getting in shape.

Inspired by some of the awe-inspiring transformations of his colleagues with Ultimate Performance Dubai, he resolved to follow their footsteps.

On their recommendations, he came into U.P. Dubai to start a transformation journey that will lay the foundations for health and happiness for the next 50 years.


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“In my experience U.P. is the single best way to not only see a physical change in a relatively short amount of time, but it is also the most honest way because it is natural, real and requires hard work and commitment.

“Because of that, it is also the best way to adopt new habits and a lifestyle that can sustain the results going forward.”

Mark worked with the team at U.P. Dubai for 25 weeks – as well as losing 13kg, he drastically changed the shape of his body, losing 20cm from his waistline and built a muscular V-shaped physique.

It has been a seismic change for Mark, who was beginning to feel frustrated with the lack of results with his own training before starting with his U.P. journey.

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“Before U.P., I was already physically and mentally healthy but had an abiding sense of frustration that the significant effort and commitment I was putting into working out was not yielding commensurate results in body composition.

“My diet was the culprit. I was very active and worked out hard, but was lazy and ignorant in my diet. The combination of a job with lots of desk hours and travel, plus business lunches and lavish dinners began to overtake my efforts in the gym, especially as I approached 50.”

U.P. really helped him supercharge his own DIY fitness effort and proved to him there was a whole other level of results he could achieve.

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A holistic approach to his fitness and health combined with a tried-and-tested training programme and a trainer who was dedicated to maximising his results really made the difference for Mark.

“I learnt a tremendous amount about fitness in general, proper weightlifting techniques and of course, diet. But the greatest benefit was learning that I can change my eating habits. I can be happy and satisfied without some of my prior habits.

“Significantly, I loved the simplicity, discipline and new knowledge that came with counting calories and understanding what I was eating.”

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“For me, the best part of the process was the process itself. While I am proud of the results, I know what it took to get there. It was a tough and long journey that required multiple decisions every day to stick with the program, give maximum effort and stay focused on the goal.

“I am especially proud of the outcome as we had to continue the process through months of COVID lockdowns and uncertainty. But that is a key to life; you cannot control what life throws at you, only how you choose to respond.”

“Key to this process was my incredible coach Niko and the accountability and care that he provided. He pushed me hard but had both the knowledge and emotional intelligence to adjust the approach when helpful.”

The transformation resonated beyond his own life; his fitness had an unforeseen impact on his family and his organisation.

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“My kids were quite impressed, and they gave me a little bit of an ‘attaboy, dad’ vibe. My hope is that they realise that nothing is impossible – that you can always grab your fitness by the scruff of its neck and get results and achieve what you want no matter how old you are.

“They are young, they can do what they want, eat what they want with no consequences, but that would change eventually, so I am hoping I am a model that they follow later in life if they choose.”

“I feel like it’s great for the whole company culture as well. Since my time at U.P., we have had another handful of people from work who have joined. It’s great that I am able to encourage them. I am able to tell them I feel your pain, you have been killing yourself at U.P. for two weeks, and you do not see your weight go down. That’s okay, I have been there. Keep going; stick with it.

“So it creates a fun esprit de corps in the company, and it seeds the atmosphere with discipline, fitness, and success as well because you can see that people feel great when they are getting results.”

On a personal level, Mark had some profound experiences at U.P. and is especially touched by the level of dedication he encountered with his trainer, Niko.

“What we achieved at U.P. is so awesome that in my mind it was worth it at any cost. I felt deeply cared for, and to me, you can’t actually buy that with money. That wasn’t what I paid for.

“What I paid for is the knowledge, accountability and being pushed in the gym but what I got was just profound empathy, care and a real kick in the backside every once in a while.”

“This has not changed who I am, but certainly has equipped me to have a better lifestyle and life going forward. I only wish I had done this 20 years ago!”

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