Before joining LiveUP, Dublin-based accountant Marcus was a regular gym-goer stuck wanting more from his training.

Thanks to the LiveUP online training programme, Marcus finally got what he wished for and is now fit and happy in his 40s.

Within just 3 months of LiveUP training, Marcus lost a total of 6kg and sculpted the body of his dreams. For him, the best part of the transformation is not only that he’s in the best shape of his life but that he knows it is his to keep for as long as he wants – and he’s done so for over 18 months!

“For the first time in my life I have been happy with my condition for more than just a moment.”

“It’s brought a lot of positivity to me personally and has made me much more confident in day-to-day life.”



Prior to LiveUP, Marcus’s erratic training regime and eating habits meant that he was failing to make any decent progress, let alone maintain it.

Though he had been training for a couple of years with on-and-off results, nothing was ever sustainable beyond a few weeks.

“I had messed around with training in the past and always tended to reach a stage of almost being happy but never quite getting there. Usually this was followed with a period of inconsistency meaning much of the hard work was lost.”

“It was a constant cycle of making gains and losing them, or gaining fat and losing it.

“Without really realising it, both inconsistency and a lack of sustainability were making me feel unhappy with myself which resulted in a negative mindset. Hindsight is always a great thing!”


It all came to a head one fateful winter morning in 2019, when Marcus came to the realisation of how dejected he had been with his wellbeing and fitness level.

“I wasn’t hugely overweight but I recall thinking to myself that I’m slowly slipping into a lifestyle I didn’t want and it wasn’t making me happy. There was a negative mindset creeping in which is not a common thing for me.

“With the love handles in clear view, I realised I had to make a conscious effort to change.”

Above everything else, Marcus just wanted to relearn to love both himself and his training again after his past efforts had failed him.

“It seems like a small thing, but overall, I really wanted to feel happy with the way I looked and felt about myself.

“I’d become a bit negative towards training and was looking for a way to help overcome that mental negativity built up from years of start/stop training and dieting. I needed something that wasn’t just a flash in the pan but was consistent.”

In his quest for change that he can keep for life, Marcus discovered U.P. founder and CEO Nick Mitchell and the head of LiveUP Elliott Upton, and subsequently the LiveUP online training programme.

Though he was sceptical to begin with, Marcus was soon attracted to LiveUP’s “down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach” to fitness.

“I really connected with the approach to the complete fitness lifestyle which the plan provided, covering all areas from training to nutrition and, refreshingly, the mental side of it all – which was what stood out to me about LiveUP given not many other online programmes or coaches were focusing on that area… and many still don’t!”


As soon as he switched from a run-of-the-mill online training plan to LiveUP, Marcus experienced a difference straight away.

“I learned a vast amount from the initial training plan and quickly realised the progressive nature of the plan meant a gradual build-up which helped me overcome many of those limitations and smash many PBs. Within six months I was lifting heavier than I ever had before and feeling like I could push myself to lift even more.”

In addition to a plan that covered all aspects of his training, Marcus took full advantage of having access to a top U.P. trainer and the LiveUP community Facebook group.

“All the while, the interactive nature of the plan – with Elliott being available for weekly guidance and the members forum providing constant positivity and advice – meant I felt hugely supported on my journey.

“It was immediately clear [from the Facebook group] that many had either gone through or were going through the same [struggles] on their journey, and most were happy to share their knowledge. It provided a level of comfort which I’d not experienced elsewhere before. This all, in turn, made me push harder to achieve the results I had.”

After his own LiveUP body transformation, Marcus is rallying everyone who’s contemplating joining LiveUP to take the plunge.

“One word – join! There is nothing to fear, in contrast it is something you will learn to embrace and without a doubt it will be the most rewarding thing you give yourself.

“I won’t sugar-coat the plan because it takes work to get results and the plan on paper won’t just give them to you. But the plan gives you all the tools you need to become the best physical version of yourself. The online forum gives you the tools to help the mental side by constantly supporting your journey as you progress… You’ll never look back!”

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