Marcos was 45 and overweight – he had never been near a gym in his life.

But when he looked down at his swollen gut at the pool in Dubai he knew this had to change.

Living in the UAE involved lots of beach and pool activities and he felt that feeling overweight in his swimming trunks was keeping him from enjoying himself fully.

So, despite being a complete gym novice, he decided to take action and put his health in the hands of the experts at Ultimate Performance Dubai.

Taking that first step to fitness started a life-changing journey that has seen him shed the weight and get in incredible shape.

“This is going to sound really vain, but I spend a lot more time with my top off now! So, any event where I can go to a pool and a beach I’m like ‘bring it on!’”

“I’m sort of like the newest member of the Avengers – I feel I’ve got a huge amount of energy now. I thought I was positive before, but now I’ve reached another level of physical and mental positivity.”


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When Marcos first walked through the doors at U.P. he weighed 76kg and his body fat hovered around an unhealthy 27%.

But just four months after he picked up his first dumbbell at U.P. Dubai, he has mastered his training and diet – losing 16kg in the process.

“Before U.P., my training consisted of going up and down the stairs in my house. I didn’t actually know what nutrition was, so I didn’t know why I was putting on weight, losing weight, feeling bloated, or not feeling bloated.

“Even though I’d actually investigated diets previously and have been vegan for a year now, I still hadn’t worked out in the 45 years I’ve been on the planet, how my body responded to different food and alcohol.

“I’m a really positive person, but my mental condition would have been a lot better if I had felt really good about myself.

“Being in Dubai, we spend so much time outside on the beach at a swimming pool with your kit off and not feeling like you’re in good condition obviously has a negative impact which I didn’t realise as much then as I do now.”


At U.P., Marcos entered a phase of almost military-like precision training. And while weight training was new and intense for him, he absolutely loved it. He fell straight into the disciplined way of life and stuck faithfully to the diet and extra cardio sessions.

“I now understand the impact of certain foodstuffs on my body and in terms of my training, and I’m now training up to six times a week.

“I feel when I go to the gym now that I’m really efficient, so I don’t hang around there; I just get the job done and then get out. I was and still am disciplined about my diet. I religiously track everything in terms of my calories.”


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Marcos’ whole attitude to the gym has changed in a matter of months. Now he can see and feel the benefits of his regular exercise habit.

“I was not a gym person before. I was pretty intimidated and uncomfortable about the whole environment, the machinery, and the technique and the biggest symbol for me in the gym in terms of my progress were going to be my ability to do a pull-up.

“So the first time that I did, it was a massive win for me. Even now, when I go, and train, one of the first things that I do in a gym is pull-ups – which I would never have thought of four months ago.”

 Marcoss-40s-20wk-pt-dxb-side-900 Ultimate Performance
Naturally, the hard work got him the dream body he was aiming for. So much so that he is now the poster child for fitness in his immediate social circle.

“Just last night at a party, a bloke came over to me and said ‘Do I know you from the cycling club at the aerodrome?’ and I was like ‘no’. He says ‘because you looked like a cyclist, you’ve got the physique of a cyclist’.

“Now no one’s ever come up to me while I was wearing my clothes and positively commented on my physique! And this happens constantly!”

“I feel as if I spend a lot of time talking about fitness and U.P. I’ve become an ambassador for U.P. and also fitness in the over 40’s.”

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