26-year-old Larry went from fat to fit in just 6 months.

Larry’s weight was out of control and his health was rapidly heading down hill because of it.

He was training seven days a week but nothing worked.

He had gained so much weight that he was getting stretch marks on his stomach and none of his clothes fit.

At 26, property manager and entrepreneur Larry found himself at a crossroads with a stark choice – accept that he was overweight or do something about it.

After seeing Glee actor Kevin McHale’s amazing transformation at Ultimate Performance Los Angeles, he immediately took action and started his own transformation.

“Everybody’s telling me that they’re just shocked by how I lost weight. Because I lost my big stomach, the recurring joke is ‘When did you give birth?”

The change went way beyond just losing belly fat – Larry lost 47 lbs and dropped 8 inches off his waist.

His body fat percentage, which was stuck at an all-time high of 30%, came down to just 16% – and all this took him only 23 weeks.

 Larrys-20s-23wk-pt-la-front-900 Ultimate Performance

Larry joined U.P. hoping for a transformation, but as he didn’t have any prior weight training experience, he didn’t really know what to expect.

“Last year, I gained so much weight, mainly on my stomach, that I started getting stretch marks on the side of my stomach, and I was not even comfortable wearing my own clothes.

“So I had a decision to make; either lose the weight, or buy new clothes, or figure out how to dress for the new body type.

“I just saw it was going to escalate and I didn’t want to have more health complications other than the ones I already had, like bad sleep, stretch marks, and just an overall unhealthy feeling.”

Weight training never really lit Larry up and he worried he would get injured.

But he slowly came around to seeing the benefits that could be achieved with as little as three hours training per week.

“I didn’t really like weight training too much because a lot of my friends who did weight training would get injured a lot, and so that’s why I focused more on doing other types of physical activities like MMA, but after a while that just took up too much time.

“So I knew that I wanted to get healthy, but I didn’t want to spend that much time investing in it, which was like seven days a week, almost.

“I knew if I wanted to get in better shape, I needed to lift weights, but my biggest concern was to avoid getting injured in the process.”



Larry was so convinced about the program that he undertook a long commute to participate in training sessions.

After his initial 12 weeks came to an end, he and his trainer came up with a work-out-from-home strategy that only required one in-gym session a week.

“What was great was that U.P. was just so flexible with making sure that I was able to get here and make sure that the timings worked for me.

“I feel working out from home is going well. I don’t push myself as hard as I would when I’m here at the gym at U.P. because obviously there’s nobody there to give you the extra motivation to get everything done.

“But everything else was laid out very simply. The whole plan was structured so well that I had no problem following it at all. I definitely feel like I have the tools to continue to work out on my own and keep the weight off, and if anything, keep progressing as far as the body fat and growing muscle is concerned.”

When asked to pick the biggest benefit of U.P.’s program, Larry surprisingly chose his improved sleep.

“The most life-changing thing about the process would definitely be the sleep.

“Before it used to take me like an hour, maybe two hours to sleep, and then I would just keep waking up in the middle of the night. Now I fall asleep in 5-10 minutes flat.”

While the improved sleep is undoubtedly great, Larry can’t deny that the new-found confidence he’s gained from looking his best has been equally enriching to his life.

“I feel great when I’m actually looking at myself, and I feel so comfortable that I don’t even think about it like I used to.

“How I looked was something that was always at the back of my mind. But now it’s like the stress has been lifted off my shoulders.

“It just feels great not to think about it or be self-conscious or anything like that because it’s something that I know I’m taking care of.

“The thing that kept pushing me through was my desire to be a better person and a better father. There’s a lot of things I wanted to do with my daughter and continue to do.

“Right before I started, we were joking around. I said ‘I know I got more muscles’, and my daughter was like ‘you got no muscles’. But recently I made the same joke, and she’s like ‘Oh, you know what? I think I see a muscle there now!”

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