Lifetime fitness fanatic Lachie has finally achieved peak fitness at 43.

Lachie, who works in the private equity sector, had always prioritized fitness.

He spent his teens playing rugby and, over the last two decades, had enthusiastically engaged in all sorts of exercise and training regimes.

From boot camps to spinning classes to different types of personal training – Lachie has done it all.

But he never quite achieved the perfect body he had hoped for.

When his sister-in-law introduced him to a friend who had undergone the Ultimate Performance transformation, the ‘before and after’ photos just grabbed his attention. He literally came straight over to the U.P. Los Angeles gym and signed up.

“I think the biggest thing is I feel more disciplined, and that’s a great place to be.

“I think what you guys do is incredible because the biggest thing I’ve taken away is the sustainability of it.

“You can obviously see the physical transformation, but the better part is just how energetic I feel overall.”


 Lachieg-40s-41wk-la-front-900 Ultimate Performance

Lachie initially joined U.P. for a 12-week transformation, but he loved the training and the lifestyle so much that 10 months later, he is still a part of the U.P. family.

During the last 10 months, he has got leaner, fitter and stronger than at any point in his life – and he knows he had the tools and the knowledge to get even better as he heads towards his mid-40s.

During his first consultation meeting at U.P. Los Angeles, Lachie explained that his goal was simply to be less lazy and become more disciplined.

Coming from a lifetime of training, he didn’t have great weight loss goals. What he really wanted was muscle definition and a lifestyle change.

“I’ve trained my whole life in various stuff and eat a pretty balanced diet like most other people, I would say. I know quite a lot about nutrition but tend to misbehave once in a while.

“I think everyone knows about calories; everyone’s trying to minimize calories. It’s a pretty well-known thing to do, but it’s all the other stuff within that I never really knew much about.

“For example, protein, carbs, and sugar – and how much each food group gives you and literally what personal effect it has on your own body.

“You know, even if you keep the calories okay and get the make-up right, you see a genuine impact.”




Lachie started seeing results really quickly. He did come in with a lot of expectations but was still blown away by the speed of the transformation.

“I could see the photos of other people, so I expected a good experience, but it still exceeded my expectations.

“This happened a lot faster than I would have expected because I’ve trained my whole life. The changes in the first six weeks were pretty significant really.”

What Lachie loved was the scientific and data-driven approach to body transformation.

The constantly goal-focused measuring and monitoring showed him in black and white that he was progressing every single week.

“The tracking part, I think, is the secret sauce here. It’s all about holding yourself accountable for what you actually eat and tracking it every day. I don’t think I would have gotten anywhere near where I’ve gotten to without that.

“Even if you go away on vacation, or even if you have a bit of time off, you’re still much more disciplined because of this whole program.

“When my trainer first said to me in our first session that this is for the long term, I thought ‘everyone says that, you know; let’s see’. But it really has been sustained over a long period of time, and I feel like I have a plan to be sustainable for good like it’s a genuine change, and that’s never really happened before. I feel disciplined, and that’s just a good place to be.”



Lachie came with the clear purpose to become more active and achieve a balanced lifestyle. He got exactly that at U.P. – well-organized habits that he could carry on with forever.

“Emily, my wife, thinks it’s great! She loves the discipline; she loves that it gives you a lot more energy. I think you are much more engaged; you sleep better – it has been a really strange thing for me. I get more consistent sleep than ever before!

“The program is more about reigniting stuff that’s in all of us – that is, you put your effort in, you put your mind to something, and you commit to something, and we can all do it. It’s not like you’re meeting a new person; it’s always been in there, and this just sort of reintroduces that person. And it’s just not that hard!”

While Lachie’s friends are impressed by his results, what’s really mind-blowing for everyone is just how time-efficient the training has been to achieve his transformation.

“I just tell everyone it’s just three sessions a week for an hour, and the rest of it is taking accountability for what you put in your mouth, and you track it – that’s it! It’s just a disciplined approach to everyday living.

“You could learn the whole thing in 6 to 12 weeks, but this is a whole lifestyle for me. I’ve been doing it now for 10 months, and I’m just going to keep doing it indefinitely because it’s just an incredibly good, disciplined way to live that shows results immediately.

“I love the consistency of it, I like the sustainability of it, and it’s just not a fad program, it’s just a genuine way of living.”

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