Diabetes, multiple injuries and a recently ended relationship had all combined to turn Khashayar’s life upside down.

An intense focus on career success meant his health fell by the wayside.

He felt utterly drained and wanted to restore some balance to his life.

Working on his fitness seemed the right place to start, but he just didn’t know how.

But entrusting his health and fitness to the experts at Ultimate Performance Amsterdam was the investment in himself he needed.

“It has created a ‘positive feedback loop’ in my life, which is fantastic. The results I’ve achieved so far are visible to friends, family, and colleagues whose positive reactions fuel the motivation to continue.

“I’m increasingly more confident and comfortable with my body – and I feel significantly healthier than when I started.

“I think it was probably one of the best investments that I made. It has been worth every penny.”


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At 34, Khashayar felt he was ‘skinny fat’; he had always been thin and found it hard to gain weight despite eating well, but inside he knew his fitness was lacking.

At U.P., the diet plan and training added a couple of kilos to his lean frame but reduced his body fat, giving him a more muscular look.

“The main reason I wanted to start U.P. was just to get fit. It was a long road that led to the decision, but I had reached a point where I was, simply put, unhappy with my body and general state of being.

“I needed things to change and had a clear goal, but I wasn’t sure where to begin and knew I couldn’t do it on my own – I needed, or better yet, wanted professional guidance.

“There was no such thing as a diet or routine: I was eating erratically, often skipping meals. When I did eat – at best, twice a day – I ate quite well, or so I thought. I would go to sleep very late and wake up early. My lifestyle revolved around my career but not at all in a healthy balance or in line with the lifestyle I envisioned for myself.”

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The U.P. lifestyle and diet was a big change for Khashayar, but he loved it. He started seeing visible results within two weeks.

Pretty soon his healthy new routine had become a habit and he just kept reaping the benefits.

“I have a good routine now – eating everything that I enjoy at regular intervals during the day. This alone has given structure to my days both at and outside of work. It isn’t always easy, and it did take some getting used to, but that structure has had an incredibly positive impact that is worth the effort. I saw results in a short span of time and simply felt great.

“I took my shirt off accidentally in front of the mirror, and I could see the results… and that was just after two weeks.

“It was just mind-blowing, and it put my motivation on fire. I could see that this would work.”

The physical changes were plain to see, but it was improvements in his health as a diabetic that really opened his eyes to the power of correct nutrition and training.

“It helped a lot with my health, especially with my diabetes.

“From the moment I started with the diet, and the more strictly I held to the diet, the less I had to worry about my insulin. My insulin levels have been almost perfect. It is almost a natural way for my body to deal with it.”

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With higher energy levels and better sleeping patterns, he saw immeasurable benefits in all areas of his life – he could focus more at work, felt more confident, and was happier in general.

“It’s had this ripple effect throughout my life, which is what I actually wanted! It wasn’t just about the gym and the training. I have a better understanding of what I eat and the impact that each decision has on my body – it has been more than just about the training, but a truly educational journey.

“The most important thing I’ve learnt is that, as cliché as it sounds, diet is absolutely key. You are what you eat. It isn’t an easy step to change one’s food intake, but the results of doing so are almost instantly visible.

“So my mindset towards food has actually changed, and I’m far more aware of what I eat, even on ‘cheat days’ or on vacation. The almost daily guidance of the fine people at U.P. has been invaluable in this.”

What started just with wanting to get in better shape and feel better has snowballed into something much bigger.

It’s been a journey of education and discovering the workings of his own body – knowledge which will stay with him and keep him in great health for life.

“This entire programme has been an exercise in learning about the human body and, more specifically, my own. It’s not just the training, but the ‘why’; the reason behind each exercise and dieting decision. That’s more than just dieting or exercise, it’s a change in mindset, and that’s the most important thing here. It’s truly a change in lifestyle. While I’m not done with my journey, these are lasting changes that I will carry with me.”

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