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When Kerry was struck down by cancer, she promised herself that if she got better, she would start looking after her health and fitness.

She had always been active and lived an outdoorsy lifestyle but the cancer and its aftermath had left her reeling.

After she beat the disease, 40-year-old Kerry really struggled to find her feet again and get back to her healthy old lifestyle.

Her weight crept up and it wasn’t until she broke out her third pair of ’emergency pants’, that she knew she needed to do something.

That something turned out to be a transformation programme at Ultimate Performance Manchester.

She joined U.P. attracted by its website that championed real people and their real achievements. She saw ordinary people pull off extraordinary transformations and got a glimpse of hope that she could do the same.

Just a few short months later and Kerry has lost a remarkable 20kg and has got back to feeling her best.

“For me being ill has been a source of motivation. I know what it’s like to feel something might be taken away from you, so I actually make the most of it now.

“I find that the process re-empowered me as a person because I took more positive steps about looking after myself that I wasn’t doing before. Now I feel like my old self.”

 Kerrys-40s-18wk-pt-mcr-front-900 Ultimate Performance


This transformation has been a long time coming. Her vow to start taking care of her health was gnawing away at her.

Taking action and working her way back to fitness was the only way to get back to feeling good and draw a line under a tough few years.

“I was very much aware of feeling disappointed in myself by letting myself go and not stick to the promise I had made to myself when I was sick that if I did get better, I would look after myself, and I would appreciate what I had. I wanted to get rid of that guilt of not doing it.

“I lost control after my illness. I went off in a slightly different path and never came back to my original path.

“So I got to a point where I let myself go. I got into bad habits, I wasn’t going to the gym or eating correctly, and then it spiralled, and I carried on down that route.”

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U.P.’s proven combination of tailored diet and exercise routine got her going in the direction.

She had never really undertaken this kind of focused gym based training before and wasn’t sure whether it would be something she enjoyed. The results were enough to convert her for life.

“I used to be very active, going out kayaking, canoeing. I did quite a bit of aerobics, stuff like going for a jog. But I never really assessed my performance or monitored myself or tried to lift more or run faster.

“I just tried to have a moderate type of schedule. I had never done weights properly before. I never had a PT so being in the gym was quite a different experience. I am more distracted outdoors and not really focused because I am looking at the scenery or something and don’t really push myself and do a new technique.

“As I saw that things were taking effect, it made me feel that I need to keep to it and stick to it. I started to feel a bit more energised, more motivated, and more conscious of keeping my activity level up at work.”

 Kerrys-40s-18wk-pt-mcr-back-900 Ultimate Performance


The weight loss and the overall transformation was astounding to look at, but the intrinsic changes that Kerry witnessed were equally important for her, if not even more so.

“As a part of my treatment, I had an auxiliary node clearance on my left side, and I was advised not to overuse my left side and take care of it. I was a bit stubborn and didn’t want to admit to myself that one side is now weaker.

“But over time, I started to not use my left side, and it did get weaker. Coming here and doing weight training has allowed me to build strength on my left side.”

The results of her transformation and the impact it has had on her life cannot be understated.

“I think now at the end of the programme I feel more ready to go, ready to do stuff. And I feel happier. I feel more inclined to do things that I want to do in the first place, and I feel more energised and less restricted.

“I think I was more weighed down by the fact that I had let myself get to a certain place. And that level of self-castigation was very limiting.

“I think now that I have let that go, I feel a bit more inclined to look after myself. I feel I have made some positive changes that will keep going forward.”

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