When 42-year-old Jason crossed his self-determined weight limit of 200 lbs, he decided to take action and clean up his act.

He instantly switched to healthy food and made an effort to exercise. His efforts paid off, and he lost close to 25 lbs… but then he got stuck and his weight loss plateaued.

He wasn’t overweight, but he wasn’t fit either.

To take the next step in his fitness journey, he needed professional guidance, and Ultimate Performance Sydney seemed like the best place to get it.

“I feel 100% incredible. I am 42, and I haven’t been in shape since I was 17! I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. I lost 15 lbs (over 6kg), gained about 4 lbs of lean body mass, got to 10% body fat, have tons more energy, and feel great!”


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Jason had played plenty of high school sports, but that was decades ago, as he grew older and his metabolism slowed, he felt it harder and harder to keep the weight off.

To reach peak fitness levels, he clearly needed something drastic – U.P.’s 12-week transformation programme turned out to be precisely what he was looking for, and he did it in only 10 weeks!

He lost weight, but more importantly, he gained muscle definition and reduced his body fat.

“Joining U.P., I was looking to take my training to the next step, which I was unable to do on my own. I was stuck at what you could call ‘skinny fat’.

“I wanted to hit the weights really hard, but I was after someone to show and tell me how and what to do to achieve that as well as hold me accountable.

“We eat pretty healthily at home; the problem areas are eating out too much and drinking too much. U.P. has definitely provided a good structure around macros and helped my protein intake, which wasn’t up to the mark. Having that structure and being able to log in and see the progression has been helpful.”

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Jason had never trained this intensely or followed such a structured and holistic plan before.

Along with the design of the programme, he attributes his results to the high level of accountability that comes in-built with U.P.’s sessions.

“Working with my trainer, Tyrone, has been absolutely crucial in achieving my results. The accountability inside and out of the gym was second to none.

“I have done cardio and some lightweight training before. Prior to U.P., my gym routine would be 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weight training and that weight training was not as intense or heavy. Here it’s definitely something different – four days a week, 45 minutes of no-nonsense training.

“The detail and structure with nutrition were a huge part of my transformation, and I have learnt how to maintain my results in the future.”


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What was so amazing for Jason was seeing the results keep coming week after week. All his family and friends have been blown away by the scale of changes he has been able to make.

“I started seeing results pretty instantly, like two weeks in, and obviously every week after that it just kind of snowballed. In the second week, when the measurements came in, I was down 2% body fat, the scales moved, and I started feeling a bit more muscular. It was extremely motivating.

“Everyone has pretty much asked what the hell have I been doing, and I’ve told them U.P. is what has made the difference.

“I have learnt a great deal in terms of training and nutrition and what do to continue on. It’s been an awesome experience, and I will be staying on at U.P. to keep up my training with Tyrone and looking forward to further progress.”

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