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After her fourth baby, Helen suddenly lost a lifetime of active living habits.

She began gaining weight and the situation deteriorated so much that she was actually scared of getting on the scales.

Her weight also started affecting her self-confidence, to the extent that she’d avoid meeting new people.

One day, by chance she drove past the Ultimate Performance gym near Alderley Edge and googled it; the hundreds of client results she saw convinced her this was the place to turn things around.

Helen eventually joined U.P.’s flagship transformation programme, but the holistic combination of tailored nutrition and intense training helped her lose an impressive 12kg and sculpt a figure she absolutely loves in just 10 weeks!

“The dramatic change in my body has been fantastic! Being able to see muscle definition all over has been very rewarding, and I just feel stronger in every way.

“As the weight came off, I also became more confident and happier in myself. I am now able to chat with new people.

“I have joined new clubs which I would never have done before; as a result, I am enjoying life.”


 Helenb-30s-10wk-pt-che-front-900-2 Ultimate Performance
Before U.P., Helen had always prided herself on being fit and active – she had even run 5k on the treadmill the day before delivering her fourth child.

But after her maternity leave, Helen fell into an unhealthy rut which she couldn’t pull herself out of.

“For the past three years, I had talked about rejoining the gym and getting fit, but I kept putting it off.

“I was too intimidated to rejoin the gym due to my size and lack of confidence. Also, I had never done any sort of weight training before; I simply didn’t know where to start.

“I knew that joining a normal gym again wouldn’t work for me. I needed something more regimented and knew it was now or never.”


In Helen’s case, the main culprit was her unhealthy food habits. Poor food choices and constant snacking made her lethargic, which, in turn, affected the physical side of things even further – trapping her into a never-ending cycle of unhealthy lifestyle habits.

“Prior to the transformation, it wouldn’t have even entered my head to walk rather than drive, and I would rarely hit 10,000 steps a day.

“I would eat lots of carbs during the week, snacking throughout the day, and above all (with hindsight), I would say portion control was a problem. Then, of course, there was the good living at the weekend; meals out, takeaways, and a fair few bottles of red wine and fizz.”

The change in diet that laid the foundations for her incredible transformation came as a shock to the system at first. But once Helen had gotten to grips with it and saw results, it made it all worthwhile.

“For the first few days, it was hard to adapt to the change, especially weighing out and prepping food, but you soon get used to it, it’s completely worth it when you see the weight come off.

“Health-wise, I very quickly started feeling much better in myself. I felt less bloated, and I felt ready to take on the world after my workouts. I felt like I had taken a positive step towards improving my health and body.”

 Helenb-30s-10wk-pt-che-back-900-1 Ultimate Performance


Helen’s diet and lifestyle flipped 180 degrees during her transformation with U.P. Sticking to a carefully personalised meal plan ensured that her diet cleaned up completely. And the results were almost instantaneous.

“I went from eating what I felt like eating and snacking, to carefully sticking to a meal template prepared by my trainer.

“Portion control, and weighing out and preparing fresh ingredients have been key. The change in diet surprisingly kept me fuller for longer and provided me with lots of energy.

“I was also working out at U.P. with my trainer, Sally, three times a week, as well as doing regular cardio sessions at my local gym.

“I upped my steps to approximately 17,000 a day, walking everywhere to ensure I exceeded my target of daily steps. I started to make the kids walk to and from school with me so that they benefited too.

“I also put more thought into what I was feeding my children and eliminated many of their sweet snacks. As a consequence, we became more healthy as a family.”

Along with a toned body and lots of energy, Helen also felt her entire attitude has become more positive. This naturally affected every aspect of her family and work life.

“At home, family life is so much better too; I feel like I have so much more time for the kids, I am more organised due to increased energy, and we do far more activities together.

“My results have been fantastic, and more than I could have imagined or wished for at the start of the process. I lost body fat, gained muscle, and I looked so much less bloated and so much healthier.

“It has affected every aspect of my life. It has really been a life-changing experience for me. It has been one of the hardest but best things I’ve ever done. The transformation has been so rewarding, I am stronger physically and mentally, and feel like I can achieve much more than I realised. I want to continue on this path and enjoy healthy eating and exercise more than ever.”

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