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When Heidi came across a year-old notebook where she had penned her feelings about her weight, she was shocked.

It described all the negative emotions she associated with her body image – feeling ugly, disappointed and embarrassed.

Reading her own words jolted her into action – she didn’t want to sit on these negative emotions any longer and not take action.

She contacted Ultimate Performance London Mayfair that very day and took the first step on a life-changing path that led her to lose an incredible 35kg in 31 weeks.

“People simply cannot believe the transformation I’ve gone through; I look and feel like a different human; it’s incredible! I feel amazing!

“My general wellbeing, both physically and mentally, has improved significantly. I now feel proud of my body.

“It also shocks me to admit that I actually enjoy exercise now.”

 Heidibh-31wk-30s-pt-may-front-900 Ultimate Performance
Heidi started with a 12-week programme but loved the results so much she continued training and progressing for the next 7 months.

From a starting point weighing 95kg with over 40% body fat, Heidi came down to 60kg and lost 30cm off her waist with her trainer, Rebecca, supporting her every step of the way.

Before U.P., this all seemed a million miles away.

“I’ve always been a strong, motivated, and driven person; however, for some reason, I wasn’t able to channel my positive energy into looking after myself physically.”

“Mentally – I was feeling hugely disappointed in myself, frustrated and upset with the extent to which I had let myself go. I felt uncomfortable in my skin, I didn’t feel myself, my mood was generally low, and I felt down about myself.

“I had spent the last three years buying clothes I loved that I knew I couldn’t fit into, with the hope that doing so would motivate me to change my life, lose weight, get fit and feel fabulous – it didn’t work. I couldn’t do it on my own. It turns out, I needed U.P and I needed Rebecca.”

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Heidi had never been a fan of exercising – her gym membership, which had been sitting unused for three years, was proof of her inactive lifestyle.

What Heidi needed was a clear goal, a roadmap to get there, and an expert trainer to help her navigate all the ups and downs along the way.

That’s exactly what she got with Ultimate Performance.

“I can do anything I set my mind to. The structure of the programme worked for me, and Rebecca was the perfect trainer for me.

“There were many tough moments; I behaved like a petulant child at times, there were tantrums and tears, many choice words, but my trainer, she pushed me further than I ever would have thought possible and certainly harder than I would have done on my own. Let’s be honest; I would still be 94.8kg without her.”

“I felt like she really cared about me and my progress; she was as invested in me as I was in myself. The fact I was accountable to someone else was exactly what I needed.”

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Heidi’s most significant barrier to losing weight had been her diet.

While her international work-related travel was to blame for some of the issues, it was clear that she was using it as an excuse to stay unhealthy.

That all changed when she started to follow a tailored nutrition plan created around her body transformation goals.

“My diet was horrible; I didn’t eat breakfast ever (unless a Red Bull counts as breakfast), lunch and dinner consisted of carb-loading, chocolate, snacks, etc. Oh, and I never drank water.

“I was put on a strict diet plan, which I enjoyed as I respond to structure well. I didn’t enjoy it at the start as it basically meant cutting out all the processed food I’d been poisoning my body with for years.

“But soon enough, I got used to the foods I could eat, and whilst I still can’t believe I’m saying this, I actually enjoy eating a healthy diet now!”

“For someone who was partial to the odd wine or 10, I didn’t touch a drop of alcohol for the seven months I was on the programme and never had a single ‘cheat day’. The results were worth it.”

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There is no going back for Heidi. She loves her new body and life so much that falling back into her old ways is not on the cards at all.

“The benefits are so many – more energy, feeling so good about myself, hearing comments from people about how amazing I look and generally feeling proud.

“I’m stronger, too – much stronger. At the start of my programme, due to my weight, everything was such a battle, simple daily life things were a battle – but no more!

“The biggest pitfall was that I’ve spent a fortune on a new wardrobe. I’ve now got a shopping problem!”

 Heidibh-31wk-30s-pt-may-back-900 Ultimate Performance


Having to fund a glamorous new wardrobe aside, Heidi believes it’s the best investment she could have made for herself.

Fashion trends come and go, but feeling happy and confident is always in style.

“I would recommend U.P. 100%. If you want to change your life and see results, fast – then U.P. Fitness is for you.”

“While U.P. isn’t cheap, making the commitment is a total investment in your future health and happiness, which in my mind, you can’t put a price on. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience.”

Invest in a U.P. transformation: Invest in your health.
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