Haulwen had tried and failed to lose weight many times.

With two children and a full-time job, she didn’t know how to find the time and motivation to commit to a weight loss regime.

She was unhappy with where she was headed – but she didn’t want to give in to a lifetime of being overweight and lethargic at 41.

She wanted more, and her friend’s transformation journey at Ultimate Performance Dubai encouraged her to give U.P. a shot.

With her husband’s support, she signed up for 12 weeks, and the results have been life-changing to say the least.

“When I first saw the results wall, I never in a million years thought that I would be able to achieve anything like this.

“If you would have said to me at the start ‘you are going to lose 5kg’, I would have just taken it and said ‘yeah, let’s do it.’ But I lost over double that.

“U.P. changed my life. They helped me achieve what I thought was impossible. They have given me a new lease of life, and I will be forever grateful.”


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Haulwen lost 11kg in 12 weeks and got her body fat – which was so high it couldn’t be measured – under control to a respectable 22%. And all this happened because she took the plunge and decided to invest in her health.

“My motivation throughout the whole experience was just to try and reach my goal.

“U.P.’s not cheap, and I had other priorities. So, making the decision to do it was a big one, and it was important that I stuck to it. My husband was there to support me – he wanted to see me lose weight because he saw how unhappy I was.

“I have tried to lose weight many times before. It’s never worked. I have got no motivation and no self-discipline, and that’s why I think U.P. has worked for me because I am accountable to someone else. It’s just not in me to keep going unless I see instant results, and I didn’t get instant results here as well, but I knew they were going to come.”

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At U.P., Haulwen got the accountability she was looking for in spades.

Tracking and constant check-ins are a massive part of what makes the U.P. process successful.

Haulwen found that constantly updating her trainer with her food diary and tracking metrics like weight and body fat kept her committed to the nutrition plan.

“The one-on-one training was the best part of the U.P. programme.

“Chris, my trainer, was constantly making sure I was in the correct position to get the most out of the exercises I was doing.

“He was always pushing me to increase my weights and never let me give up. He was super encouraging all the time, and it really made me want to improve week on week. I felt like I’d achieved something at the end of every session.”

  Haulwene-40s-12wk-pt-dxb-armup-900 | Ultimate Performance


It wasn’t just the keen eye in the gym, but also the steadfast support outside of it that made such a huge difference – especially for someone who had struggled with weight loss before.

The process isn’t always easy, but Haulwen says having a mentor and a confidant in her trainer around the clock helped her achieve her goals.

“It was great knowing I had someone’s support, no matter what. I found it comforting knowing that someone was checking what I was eating and how I was feeling.

“Chris made me feel like he was on the journey with me. I never felt alone.

“He always had my back and kept me focused when I wanted to give in and eat a burger!”

  Haulwene-40s-12wk-pt-dxb-back-900 | Ultimate Performance


Her weight loss had a completely unexpected impact on her family, as well.

While Haulwen got fitter and slimmer, her family also saw a trickle-down effect of her better eating habits and healthier lifestyle.

“My entire family is now more active and eating healthier. We are all walking a lot more instead of getting in the car, and we just do a lot more active stuff together as a family.

“My daughter’s asked for a Fitbit for her birthday because she wants to count steps!”

“I do more things with my husband because he’s quite fit. We have a lot more in common now; I feel we have the same goals. The whole experience has really brought us closer as a family. We now do so much more active stuff together, and they love the new, happier me.”

Being in better shape and bursting with confidence has changed the whole complexion of her experience of living in Dubai too.

“I’m experiencing a whole new side of Dubai.

“Beaches and pool days with friends was something I would never have done before, but now I feel confident enough to be in my bikini in front of other people and can enjoy the outdoor living that Dubai is so famous for.

“I have even signed myself up for a half marathon! Before U.P., I couldn’t run 1km without stopping and gasping for air. Now I feel confident and fit enough to run 21km. U.P. has given me the confidence to believe that anything is possible.”

Anything is possible when you join our personal training plan.
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