Grant had always prided himself on being fit, but at 49, his fitness and health had slipped.

Venture capitalist Grant had always been regular with his exercise and consistently did some form of endurance training, but had somehow slipped up during the last year or so.

The weight had slowly piled up, and Grant wanted a disciplined programme to get him back on track.

Ultimate Performance Sydney was the best place to get results and find long-term fitness.

“I lost about 14 or 15kg, and my body fat dropped from 27% to 10%. I gained a couple of kilos of muscle, and I am now lifting triple the weight I started with.

“I feel so much better! I think my self-esteem’s probably picked up a bit. I am quite proud of what I have achieved, and I am happy with the way I feel now.

“While most of the change you can only see with the clothes off, my work colleagues have caught the real transformation. They have noticed that I’m happier, I’ve got more energy, and that I am in a better state of mind.”


 Grantc-14wk-40s-pt-syd-front-900 Ultimate Performance


Grant knew he wanted to get fit but never really realised how out of shape he was till he faced the numbers at U.P.

Once the programme started, he quickly got his groove back. ​

“I was pretty committed to it. The reason why I chose Ultimate Performance was that I knew that it was going to be a really detailed, strict programme. As long as I followed that, I knew I was going to be fine.

“So from the beginning, I took it seriously and stuck to it as well as I could. And I saw results right away, and that just kept me motivated.”

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Grant wasn’t new to training, but what was so novel and effective about the U.P. programme was how it brought together the right diet, training and lifestyle tweaks that worked for him.

“I had a lot of training in previous years, mostly endurance training, and I had done a lot of resistance training at university over 20 years ago. I think it was pretty similar in a lot of ways. So, I felt really comfortable with the programme straight away. I didn’t worry about the training, but it was still a big lifestyle change to join the programme.”

He saw a definite improvement in just the first two weeks – the quick pace of change fuelled his determination and kept him engaged.

“One of the reasons I chose this programme is because it’s the whole package. Everything fits together – the trainer is the centre-point advisor helping you with the training but also giving you thorough advice on diet, and keeping you on track throughout. I felt I could ask a lot of questions, and my trainer was accommodating and answered them all.”

“The diet, tracking, and training all fit together. The results I got were because I stuck to the diet. Now, if I sit down for any given meal, I have got a much better understanding of what effects that food’s going to have on me.

“So I am more conscious of what I’m eating, and I now also have a framework to make decisions from one meal to the next.”

 Grantc-14wk-40s-pt-syd-back-900 Ultimate Performance
Grant is incredibly happy with his results. He is in the best shape of his life at 49 and is still quite surprised at how it all happened in such a short period of time.

“I just feel a lot better through the day, even when I’m not training. My posture is a lot better; I just feel a lot lighter walking upstairs and stuff like that.

“I have put on a fair bit of muscle, but the big difference is that I am lifting much bigger weights – phenomenally much heavier than what I was doing in the beginning!”

“For me, the biggest achievement has been dropping the body fat percentage – to go from 27% down to 10% was phenomenal, and you can see the physical difference. Now that all the fat’s come off and you can see the difference.”

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