Twenty-six-year-old teacher, Georgia, had been overweight since her teenage years.

And her weight and her body image had, to a large extent, shaped her outlook on life.

Despite being happy and confident, she suffered from anxiety and occasional depression.

However, recently things had started to get worse, and she decided to take action to improve her life.

She had been thinking of joining Ultimate Performance Hong Kong for a year, but now forced herself to break out of the limbo of doubt and uncertainty and start a body transformation journey.

“The results I achieved were massive. I lost 20kg; I learnt how to work out in the gym properly and confidently. I completely changed what I looked like. The results are just endless.”


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Twenty-two weeks at U.P. turned Georgia into a new person altogether. She weighed 93kg when she first walked through the gym door.

Her hard work saw her shed 20kg and 17% body fat during her time at U.P.

The biggest challenge for her was to simply begin. Georgia had to first tackle years of doubts and insecurities, and her initial consultation was instrumental in setting her at ease.

With James, her personal trainer, she felt she had found someone who was deeply and personally invested in her progress.

She was able to put her trust in him and committed herself 100%.

“I cried during my initial consultation at U.P. I started being really real with James, and I opened up about all the insecurities and that were stopping me from coming. All the stresses I had and all the negative things I believed about myself.

“James promised me that I would achieve results. He sat opposite me and said that he had my back.

“What I was going to put in, he was going to put in too. And I thought that was a really great thing to say to get me motivated, but I didn’t really believe it. I mean, how much can he really care? But he did!

“And from day one till the end, he showed me every time that he was there for me.”

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Georgia had been ready for change for sometime. She had wanted to come to Ultimate Performance 12 months earlier, but her fears and insecurities had been holding her back.

But when she came through the doors and met the team and felt the positive atmosphere, she immediately felt at ease.

“I wanted to join a year ago, but when I first looked into it, I thought this is something I could only dream of.

“I just thought I didn’t belong somewhere like this, but when I actually came into the gym, it wasn’t cliquey, or it wasn’t at all like what I had in my head of what a super fit gym would be.

“It was a friendly place where people were really serious about what they were doing.”

Georgia was in a bubble during her programme, and the transformation took little time to make an impact on her everyday life.

She is still amazed at how differently she perceived herself just a few months ago and cannot stop marveling at the positivity the transformation has brought into her life.

“It’s really hard looking at my ‘before’ photos because it shows me how unhappy I was for so long. It doesn’t even look like me; it looks like someone who has given up at age 26.

“I am so happy I did this because if I hadn’t done it, I would still be like that, and that was just a few weeks ago.

“Everything has changed mentally and physically. Now I have all this confidence and all this self-assurance and self-belief. There is no room for negativity in my life now.”


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Georgia puts down U.P. as the best decision of her life. Her only regret and advice to others is simply ‘do no delay’.

With her initial goals conquered, she is now continuing her journey with U.P.

“In a few months, everything has changed for the better. With the training at U.P., I feel confident in maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle.

“My only regret is that I didn’t start earlier. If you’re serious about achieving real and sustainable goals, I would recommend James and U.P.; they are second to none.”

“His extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition instantly made me feel like I was in safe hands. Each gym session is thoroughly planned for consistent personal progress. Workouts are fun, challenging, and educational. His style is detail-orientated and fact-based whilst also managing to be friendly and motivating. From the start, James and U.P. have been genuinely committed to my transformation.”

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