Eric shed a year’s worth of accumulated fat in just 10 weeks.

When 33-year-old physiotherapist Eric wanted to get healthy and improve his physique, he looked for the best.

As a physical therapist, he knew what his body needed but lacked the accompanying dietary knowledge to get the results he wanted.

Weight loss had been a rollercoaster for Eric over the years, so he felt like getting professional help on the right diet and training for his body and goals would give him a stable foundation to stay in shape for good.

His friends introduced him to Ultimate Performance Hong Kong – he liked the holistic nature of the programme and decided to give it a shot.


 Ericf-30s-10wk-pt-hk-front-900 Ultimate Performance

“In the past, I never thought about being lean. I just wanted to be fit or bulk up. But it’s not easy – when I look at Instagram and admire someone’s physique I always thought – it’s not possible!

“Getting down to 5, 6, or 7% body fat seems like far, far away from whatever I was doing. This time I really did it, which I was very surprised about! Also, I am quite confident that I will be able to maintain this body.”

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The speed of change blew Eric away – in just 13 training sessions at U.P. in 10 weeks he lost 6kg and brought his body fat down to a super-defined 8.7%.

Eric was well aware of the U.P. programme structure and its reputation and started his journey quite confident of achieving great results. Even then, he was surprised at how educational the whole experience was to arm him with lifelong knowledge to stay in shape.

“When I trained by myself, I usually just did it randomly. I did whatever I wanted to do. In terms of intensity, also when I am working out on my own, I would take it more easy – here with someone pushing me all the time, it is quite different.

“Here it is quite structured, which really helps. I know a lot of people who are following other training programmes, and they end up not making much progress. They all appreciated that I had someone to push me and keep me motivated.”

“What I really learned a lot was about diet because that was usually what I paid the least attention to earlier. I thought it was all about exercising, and it doesn’t matter what you eat. But now I know that diet is key for the transformation – I would say it is 70% of the programme.” Hongkong-web-optimised-3 Ultimate Performance

While gaining a lean and mean physique was a huge achievement, Eric also appreciates acquiring sustainable lifestyle habits that will keep him healthy in the long run.

“When I was younger, I was very obese – I weighed almost 200lbs. Since then, my body has been changing a lot. From skinny to fat – it’s like a roller coaster; it’s not been stable. Understanding about diet, exercise, etc. is actually really helpful to keep this part of my life stable.” Ericf-30s-10wk-pt-hk-back-900 Ultimate Performance

Eric has taken so many valuable lessons from his time at Ultimate Performance. He certainly won’t be slipping back into old habits and the rollercoaster ride of weight loss and weight gain.

His lean new physique is here to stay.

“Aside from the result, it’s more important to understand the process of the change. I learned how to eat clean, to change my life. Sometimes it’s hard when you have to eat out, and food choices are quite limited in Chinese food as everything is quite oily and deep-fried, but overall I know what I can choose and eat less unhealthy stuff.

“I feel that the diet and the relationship with the trainer were the most valuable parts of the programme. I learnt so much about my body during the process, and I now understand how food affected me throughout the transformation – mentally and physically.

“My trainer really helped me to stay on track – especially when I was travelling. The online coaching, messages, and the pressure and having someone reminding you to be careful – it all kept me going according to the plan and got me the results I wanted.”

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