Dino felt his ‘skinny’ physique was holding him back in his career as an actor in Los Angeles.

In an industry dominated by big-built guys, Dino understood that being in shape was a huge part of carving out a successful living on the big screen.

He came to Ultimate Performance L.A. looking for a hardcore program that would get him the results he wanted – quickly and healthily. It’s safe to say he got what he came for and more.

“It’s been really great, and it’s so funny because it’s difficult being someone my size trying to simultaneously cut fat while gaining lean mass and but we’ve done it, and we continue to do it. I’m just amazed!

“I feel empowered and just healthier overall. I’m looking forward to working with U.P. now and in the future. They can really change your life.”


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It only took 31-year-old Dino 36 sessions over 21 weeks to cut his body fat down from 13.6% to a super-lean 9.8%, while building the muscular frame he wanted.

“When I started at U.P., I was frustrated because I was in this weird middle ground between being skinny but not having any serious muscle definition. I kind of just ate whatever was in front of me. It wasn’t necessarily a bad diet, but there was no rhyme or reason to it. I needed to make some kind of change.”



What Dino wanted and needed to make real change was a program that brought training, nutrition and lifestyle together into one results-focussed package.

Having those three crucial elements aligned alongside the guidance of his elite trainer at U.P. LA and Dino saw huge changes across the board.

“It just changed my life, and I don’t hesitate to say that. Physically I’m more built; I feel more explosive. Mentally I have a confidence that was not there before, and just from a health standpoint, I have lots of energy. I’m not tired all the time; it affects how I perform on stage or in front of a camera. I just feel better overall.

“I’ve got to say the results have been staggering in such a short amount of time. Cristian, my P.T., has been patient and knowledgeable. He pushes me past my limits, but I never felt like I can’t accomplish what he was asking of me.

“The training was incredible. The flexibility all of this provided me was more than I could have ever asked for; it never felt like a burden. I never felt worried about whether I could fit in sessions. We were just able to build a plan, and it was everything I could hope for.”

“Just the habit alone of being conscious of what I eat and when I eat is invaluable. Carving out time to work on my body has become a habit now. It’s not something I worry about, it’s something I enjoy doing now, and that’s surely life-changing.”

During his time at U.P., Dino also learned some life lessons and is now looking forward to smashing fresh fitness goals.

“The biggest thing I learned was patience. It is a process, and you know you’ve been living one way for a long time and to restructure your body and reconstitute yourself both inside and out – it just takes patience. Just put in the hard work, and the rest will take care of itself – that was the biggest takeaway.”

“No matter what age you are or how much you weigh or whatever circumstances you come in with, U.P. builds a plan specifically tailored to you in a way that I’ve never experienced before.”

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