Deniz is now in the prime of his life at 34 – but just 20 weeks before he didn’t feel that way.

Software developer Deniz had been steadily putting on weight, feeling lethargic, and could feel lifestyle diseases creeping up.

Everything he did was tinged with guilt for not looking after his body and his health.

He had started thinking more and more about committing to a serious workout programme but didn’t know where to begin.

A chance conversation with his colleague introduced him to Ultimate Performance Amsterdam, and his friend’s progress pictures were enough to convince him to sign up.

Deniz joined U.P.’s 20-week transformation programme and lost close to 10kg and 10% body fat during his time here.

“It was hugely transformational on many levels.

“Physically, I’ve reached a form that I never thought I could be in – and the best part is that I know this transformed self, perspectives and habits are permanent!”


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Before joining U.P., Deniz was making some half-hearted attempts at getting his weight under control, but years of overeating and unhealthy habits were not easy to vanquish.

“My previous lifestyle included a lot of emotional eating; lunches and dinners were the most important times of the day for me.

“That made me choose really tasty stuff that was possibly not the healthiest. And on weekends I would go out and those days would include eating and drinking outside. That has been going on for a very long time.”

Deniz had begun trying to be more health conscious.

He was starting to avoid sugar and processed carbs, but no matter what he did, he saw little change in his body shape.

“I was a bit lost as to how to lose weight,” he says.

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Deniz wanted to lose excess fat and build muscle. He wanted to feel more fit in general.

For years, situations where he needed to take his shirt off in public would result in major stress; he was tired of feeling embarrassed about his body and wanted to enjoy life to the fullest.

At U.P., he finally found a programme that tackled his problem holistically.

“I was pretty self-conscious all the time, and that’s not very relaxing!

“When I looked in the mirror, I knew I could look better. I wanted to have a fit and strong body, improve my mental wellbeing, and increase my self-confidence.”

His own training was yielding few results. He knew it was time to change things up and really challenge himself.

“Before U.P. I was weight training on and off. It was fun, but I wasn’t getting any results.

“After I started training here, I saw a significant change in my body composition. I started noticing these results almost immediately.

“The level of overall energy improved right after I started training, and visually, I saw changes in two weeks or so.

“At U.P., I realised that these habits that I thought I couldn’t change did change, and it wasn’t as big a deal as I thought it would be.

“In the end, I ended up having food that I genuinely enjoyed. I have learned a lot about nutrition and followed a sustainable plan that I did enjoy – eating clean turned out to be much more fun and satisfactory than quick and unhealthy food.”

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Deniz joined the U.P. programme expecting to lose weight and become fit, but he never expected the impact to be so profound and far-reaching.

While he enjoyed watching his body change, the biggest takeaway from his four months at U.P. is the knowledge he gained that enabled him to sustain his results.

“I learned a lot about how muscles work and grow, a lot about nutrition – such as fat, carbs, protein and calories – as well.

“Marc, my personal trainer, knows the body inside out, and he explained the purpose and dynamics of each move and posture pretty much every time we trained.

“I’ve changed some of my habits that I never thought I could, like drinking socially.

“Marc’s support and accountability have helped a lot too. Changing habits gave me new perspectives in many dimensions of my daily life, so the transformation was both physical and mental. I feel I’ve graduated from a course!”

Sixteen weeks ago, Deniz thought his life and his body would never change.

Now he feels like anything is possible with his new-found skills.

“Everything that I have learnt about training and nutrition will stay with me, and going forward, I will make much better decisions.

“Now I feel super confident with my body. I’m very proud of it. I feel more fit, energetic, and stronger every day.

“I ended up at a level of fitness that I never thought was possible for me!”

We’ve helped Deniz get rid of all his unhealthy habits for life – and we can do the same for you! Speak to us about our personal training programme.


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