Super-active Debbie has finally found her best ever body shape in her fifties by lifting weights.

Overweight and sluggish, Debbie desperately wanted someone to take her in hand and fix her health and fitness.

She was stuck with a wardrobe full of ill-fitting clothes and knew that the only way she would ever get into them again would be if she got back in shape.

She joined Ultimate Performance Manchester hoping that their 14-week body transformation programme would get her feeling fit and fabulous again.

The faith she placed in U.P. was rewarded with incredible results.

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“My friends and relatives are amazed not just at the speed of the weight loss but also the transformation in the body shape.

“For some reason, I thought that it might take a lot longer, and I think probably they did too, but I think the speed of how quickly the transformation took place has been amazing.”

Debbie came to U.P. Manchester weighing close to 67kg and lost 13 of these in just 14 weeks.

She also had a relatively high body fat percentage, which was sitting close to 28%; 14 weeks of U.P.’s training and diet control brought that down to a lean and healthy 16.8%.

Debbie had gone through a personally challenging year and had taken off for a few months to find herself again and regain some balance.

While the time off helped to rejuvenate her psychologically, it didn’t really make her any healthier. She wanted to match her inner happiness with a fitter lifestyle and joined U.P., hoping for a hard reset.

“I feel that even though I’m a very independent person, I felt that I needed help with this. I felt that I needed a structured programme, and I felt that I needed some help.

“I needed someone who was not just going to keep an eye on me and be watching what I was doing, but also to help motivate me and encourage me.

“My diet wasn’t very good before U.P. I used to always feel like I was in a rush – food was something I did on the hoof quite a lot. So I would load up with carbohydrates; a lot of sandwiches, pasta and potatoes and that kind of thing and I suppose I thought that if I was running around all the time that would help keep the weight off, but clearly that wasn’t the case.”




Debbie needed to change her eating habits and learn about nutrition, and that became the most challenging part of the programme.

However, her already-active lifestyle helped her adjust to the U.P. gym sessions easily.

Everything quickly fell into place with her training and nutrition and when she found her stride, the results kept coming thick and fast.

“I started noticing results quite quickly because I got into some good routines with food, which meant that I started losing weight quite steadily and consistently.

“And once that happens, it gives you a mental boost as well. All of a sudden, your clothes feel much better, and that spurs you on to keep going. If you get to the end of the day and want to snack, you just stop and think – ‘no, it’s working! No point in blowing it now.’

All her expectations were blown away in a matter of weeks. But what really surprised Debbie was how easy it slotted into her lifestyle.

“I thought I was a busy person before and I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to fit it all in, but some things have happened along the way which have made me realise that even though I was very busy, I wasn’t necessarily being as productive as I should have been.

“So, U.P.’s brought a new routine into my life which has been really useful, and it hasn’t clashed with other things – I’m still going out a lot and socialising. I’ve been working and then gymming and still going walking at weekends and scuba diving at weekends. It is certainly possible to fit it all in.”

It wasn’t easy for Debbie to walk into U.P. initially.

She found gyms very intimidating and remembered being absolutely terrified when she came for the initial consultation.

But three months later, U.P. has become a familiar, fun place, and she feels the impact of the programme in all areas of her life.

“I really didn’t know what to expect, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised that U.P. is not full of supermodels and reality TV stars. It’s full of people like me who just want to feel better about themselves; they want to get into better shape.”

What has been the biggest benefit to Debbie has been the steep change in how she feels and how she sees herself.

Her confidence is back and mentally she feels reinvigorated.

“I feel that before I started this programme, my self-esteem was probably quite low.

“My weight hasn’t been particularly volatile, but it had crept up over the years. It just takes one or two kilograms a year, and then all of a sudden, you know you’ve put on a lot of weight, and that wasn’t me, so it feels like I’m back to my old me.

“I have to say I think the biggest benefit has been mental. You can’t underestimate how much better you feel in your life when you feel better about yourself and that for me has been the biggest surprise and the biggest benefit.”

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