50-year-old Dana feels like she has turned the clock back 30 years after her stunning transformation at Ultimate Performance Los Angeles.

Just six months earlier and things couldn’t have felt worse for Dana.

She was flying back from the Far East weighed down by the infamous ‘Singapore stone’ – but this extra 14 lbs were just a small addition to her constantly fluctuating weight problems.

Her closet contained clothes from size 6 to 16 – but she was currently stuck on double digits dress sizes.

While in Singapore, she started looking for a P.T. earnestly and googled her away to the Ultimate Performance Singapore gym.

So when she relocated to California a year later, the switch to the U.P. Los Angeles gym didn’t require too much thought. It turned out to be the best decision of her life.

“It’s incredible! I don’t feel like a 50-year-old in my head – I’m always in my 20s somewhere. But to be 50 and probably be the healthiest, fittest, leanest, most comfortable in my own skin, that I’ve ever been – I wouldn’t have thought that this was possible. I’m just a bit annoyed that I left it so long!”


 Danat-50s-52wk-pt-la-front-900 Ultimate Performance


Despite training with U.P. for a while before her move to L.A., Dana was surprised at the results she managed to achieve here.

She never imagined she could lose 48 lbs and become super lean and toned in the space of a few months.

But that’s exactly what she achieved in her half-year stint at U.P. – halving her body fat, taking 8 inches off her hips, and sculpting a toned and athletic figure.

“I just didn’t think it was possible. Before I’d always got to a certain point and then kind of either slipped back down or fallen back into bad habits. I remember my P.T. said to me ‘well, let’s set the first goal at 140 lbs’ or something. And I clearly remember thinking, I don’t remember weighing myself and being that weight ever! So, I just couldn’t believe that it was even remotely possible.”

U.P. made that possible.

We showed Dana that while becoming lean might not be easy; but it was definitely achievable with a little hard work.

U.P.’s well-rounded programme is designed to deliver outcomes you can see, and it worked for Dana too – the results came on slow but steady.

“I remember how just getting down 10 lbs felt like a bit of a breakthrough. I would say at that point clothes stopped hurting.

“So seeing those incremental shifts just felt great. It just felt like I was making progress. I suppose the important thing is that the progress was in line with goals and expectations versus in the past you expect to lose like 20 kilos in two weeks, and it doesn’t happen and you slide back to your old ways.”

“I remember the first time that other people started to comment. It was actually after Christmas and people were saying ‘God, you look different. I can’t really put my finger on it, but you look really different.’ And from there on in it just got more pleasant.”


The U.P. transformation left Dana with lots of great memories – she loved the compliments and came away with critical learning to keep her look fit and fabulous in the long run.

“I know how I feel when I work out, and everything that comes with that is only good.

“Feeling strong, being able to deadlift and squat and bench press just makes me feel strong. I really enjoy that side of it and then seeing the change in definition is awesome because I never thought I could achieve that.

“I remember the point where I could actually see muscle definition! I got so many great comments from people. I sent my pictures to a few of my friends in London, and they were like ‘Geez, where did you get your triceps?’ Losing weight is one thing; catching yourself in the mirror and seeing muscles is a whole different thing.”

One of Dana’s biggest mind blocks was that she wouldn’t be able to manage U.P.’s programme with her crazy work and travel schedule. But time – and her experienced trainer – proved her wrong.

“It is just a case of having a plan and sticking to it. I travel as much as I ever did – I’m on planes usually once a week, and when I’m not on planes I am in a car for three hours a day. U.P. is just about finding a way. The biggest thing of all is controlling the food and what you do when you travel.”

“U.P. is the full 360. It’s the whole person, and I think that’s what you get here. It’s not just when you come into the gym; it’s everything in between, and it’s the food, and it’s the exercise, and it’s the mental stuff.”

“There’s no doubt that the last year is a whole different chapter and I do think that is due to someone getting into my mindset, understanding me. Someone identifying what motivates me, what makes me tick and what the barriers are and being on that journey with me. For me, that’s the real value of U.P.”

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