Benny promised his son he would end the year with a six-pack, and he more than kept his word!

At 41, Benny was the typical office-to-home kind of guy.

He worked hard, spent time with his family, and took half-hearted stabs at exercising.

As he became more and more overweight, he tried to put together a regular exercise regime – but he hit a brick wall.

Luckily his friend’s Ultimate Performance transformation photos popped up on his Facebook feed one day, and in a flash, he knew what he had to do to get fit.

He found the U.P. gym in Hong Kong and signed right up.


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Now he is nearly 14kg lighter, leaner than ever and is an exemplar of fitness and health to his son.

“I have a much healthier body now compared to five months ago. Before I started the programme, I was 71.3 kg now I am 57.6kg.”

“I feel absolutely fantastic and not just physically. Of course, I look much better and have achieved my goal of having a six-pack, but most importantly, I also learned a lot throughout the journey with the coach.

“I got a chance to show my son, Jen, how and why determination is important; sticking to goals is important. I think, through this transformation, I can be a good role model for him.”

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Since he was a kid, Benny always wanted to have a six-pack physique, but at 41, it had never seemed farther away.

A busy work schedule, business travel, and family commitments all ate into his day – leaving very little time for exercise.

He also ate a particularly unhealthy and uncontrolled diet, which only served to make matters worse.

“I tried to put together some type of regular exercise habit, but it didn’t really happen, even though I tried to fit it in.

“Before U.P., I ate more than what I needed, and the quality that I put in my body didn’t actually benefit my body. It made me lethargic, and I always felt sleepy.

“I didn’t really care about what I ate, I never checked the ingredients, and when I did grocery shopping, I picked up a lot of junk food. I can easily finish a big packet of potato chips after dinner.

“If I went to a buffet, I would eat everything and then finish up with 4-5 scoops of ice cream.”

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At first, modifying his eating habits turned out to be his biggest challenge at U.P., but Benny stuck to it and soon saw the fruits of his labour in the mirror.

“In terms of bodyweight, I started to see results very quickly. After the first week, I was losing weight at the rate of one kilogram per week.

“My biggest challenge was to change my lifestyle completely. I love carbs. I like to eat rice, noodles, bread – all kinds of carbs. The first 3-5 weeks, I felt my body was crying out for those things, but eventually, I got used to it and felt great and more energised.”

Weight loss was just the start – he soon started seeing the muscle definition he had been looking for all these years.

But the physical benefits were just the start and he feels like a new man both inside and out.

“I feel energised and don’t get tired now. My energy level is much higher than before, and it helps me in my work too.

“My endurance has improved a lot with just a month of training. I remember my goal before starting the programme was to build my six-pack, and now I finally have a good looking body shape with the definition that I was always looking for.

“But it’s not about the physical condition; it’s about determination. U.P. gave me this experience, and when I look back at the photo I took the first day I came here, it’s unbelievable.

“This is the biggest lesson to me – never say never; if you think you can do it, you can do it.”

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Benny was even happier when he realised that he could keep his six-pack forever with the education and knowledge he has received at U.P. The U.P. sessions weren’t just body transformation training but a learning journey.

“I now understand what makes me better and healthier in life – from diet to exercise, to my daily routine. Also, I know how weight training works for me, and I can use that knowledge to maintain myself for the rest of my life.

“If you want to have a transformation, U.P. is definitely the place that will help you achieve your goal. It is not just about physical training, the reward is much more than that; you’ll learn a lot throughout the journey that will help you tackle different challenges in your life ahead.”

“I learned a lot about how to put a plan in place and follow through. I realised there’s no shortcut, and everything takes time to build; failure is just another step closer to success. And all these learnings can help me in my personal life and my work.”

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