Amina was going around in circles with her fitness and she was fast losing heart.

She always wanted to achieve big results, but her training efforts never got her close to her goals.

Without visible results to show for her efforts, Amina got bored, lost interest and stopped.

When she felt guilty about quitting, she would start up again – but this back and forth had been going on for years and was making her feel more and more disillusioned with fitness in general.

Coming to Ultimate Performance Manchester and starting a results-focussed body transformation programme proved to be the best investment she could make in herself.

“You know I’ve never felt this good. It sounds a bit cheesy, but I’ve never felt as strong and as positive as I do now.”

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In three months at U.P. Amina lost 9kg and 10% of her body fat and gained a whole new can-do mindset.

And even though the Covid-19 lockdown cut short due her in-gym sessions when she was just eight weeks into the programme, she managed to keep the momentum going.

Her laser-focussed training with her U.P. trainer was worlds apart from what she had been doing in the past.

“My training before U.P. was not progressive; it was not consistent. I didn’t achieve what I wanted, and I also didn’t push myself to get stronger.

“I just stayed doing the same thing, got bored and gave up. And then go back to it and then give up again and it was kind of like a vicious circle of boredom.”

U.P. broke through her plateau, and the results got her hooked on training again. She got the routine and the results she needed to keep her committed to her transformation.

“The first thing I noticed at U.P. was the dedication to the client.

“They don’t look at you and say – ‘oh, maybe they could do that.’

‘They’re sure you’re going to achieve the best goals possible; it’s not even a conversation. So when you see that dedication on that side, you mirror it and then you have this drive to get the best of what you can do because they are 100% sure you’re going to achieve it.”

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Amina needed a wholesale rethink of her diet. Her trainer helped her not only learn about what to eat, but also the why.

“U.P. has given me the information and the tools to understand how to eat, what you actually need to survive as well as to function and to get strong. I think that’s quite an important thing that I’ve learnt on the journey.”

“Habits of eating and exercising and doing things at the same time every single day and having that regime gives you strength when you’re performing in the gym and also when you’re just doing everyday things. It gives you a bit of cool and a bit calm; you don’t sweat the small stuff.”

The lockdown interrupted Amina’s programme, but it certainly didn’t slow down her progress or stop her achieving her goals.

In fact, she didn’t waver at all; on the very first day of the lockdown, Amina and her trainer started planning her at-home and online exercise strategy.

“When the lockdown happened, the first thing I did was to put together a plan of how to continue.

“In my head, I was certain I didn’t want to waste all that effort and all that time that the trainer and I had both put in.

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“I’d made so much progress and then to go back into the gym again and start from scratch just wasn’t an option.”

Amina surprised herself with what she was able to accomplish training from home.

Not only did she sculpt a great body, but the process helped her cultivate great health, happiness and positivity as well.

“I didn’t think I would achieve anything near to what I have achieved so far and I mean that not just physically but also mentally being a lot more positive every day.

“Getting a bit of mindfulness in there, having time to think about stuff like calming/slowing down a bit and then feeling strong physically is a big thing for me, and that has changed my attitude towards things.

“I’d do it over again, and I would encourage people who are thinking about doing it to just go in and have a chat. You’re only going to come out stronger.”

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