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Amanda feels like she has turned the clock back 20 years after making a stunning 20kg transformation at Ultimate Performance Cheshire.

At 42, Amanda only had distant memories of being slim. She had tried almost everything to lose weight – diets, boot camps, home remedies, and more, but nothing worked.

She felt like this was it for the rest of her life. Fed up and at the end of her tether, she turned to U.P. Cheshire in a last-ditch effort to get in shape and rediscover the ‘old Amanda’.

Amanda was anything but a hardcore gym goer, so she felt apprehensive about stepping foot in U.P.’s Alderley Edge gym.

But her fears about the training quickly melted away along with 20kg in weight to get her feeling her most fabulous self again in her 40s.

“I am 4 dress sizes smaller and 20kg lighter. I feel like I’ve found myself again; I feel like the girl I was when I was 20.

“I feel incredibly strong mentally. I feel more resilient. I feel more powerful – physically and mentally. I would do U.P.’s transformation all over again – in a heartbeat.”

 Amandae-30wk-40s-pt-che-front-900 Ultimate Performance
Amanda’s weight had felt like a dark cloud hanging over her for years.

“Before I started at U.P., I was consciously aware of my weight, and I was consciously trying to change it. But it wasn’t working, and I had gotten to a point where I just accepted that this was my weight, and I started thinking my body is best at this weight; this is the way it wants to be.

“I did exercise, but it was not consistent. I used to do boxing and had an injury on my shoulder, which had stopped me doing very much for about six months.

“My diet was probably not great; I had a bit of an unhealthy relationship with food. If I had been for a run, I would think ‘I’ll have pizza, I’ve earned it!’

“I don’t think I realised how fat I was until I saw my first photographs. I’d look in the mirror and think I look alright, but then when you see the photographs, you realise actually you really don’t look alright.”


 Amandae-30wk-40s-pt-che-side-900 Ultimate Performance


Confronting this reality head-on was the first and most challenging step. However, as results started showing and she eased into her gym routine, Amanda found a dose of newfound confidence.

“The first time I had my photographs done, I just wanted to cry.

“I remember it was just horrible, but slowly but surely, when the results started to happen, I just kind of realised it was actually really necessary to see that progress. I think I’ve grown massively in confidence and trusting the trainer makes a massive difference.

“U.P. is like a team thing. I didn’t want to let my trainer down; I didn’t want to let me down. I felt like I’d invested a lot financially in myself as well, and I felt that if I didn’t give it 110%, then I’d be letting myself as well as my bank balance down.

“So I think it’s about being really honest with yourself about what you want and realising that if you don’t put that work in and you don’t really commit to it, then you’re not really doing yourself justice.”

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At U.P., Amanda reset her relationship with food and embedded active lifestyle habits into her daily routine. Her hard work and dedication were rewarded with benefits that transcended weight loss or aesthetics, and touched all corners of her life.

“I’ve got loads more energy. I feel like nothing could stop me. When I started, I could run for just about 30 seconds without literally blowing up. Now I can run and run and run – I could do a park run with my daughter, which I never thought I’d be able to do.”

“Last Christmas I was about four stone heavier and four dress sizes bigger, so every night out entailed me getting everything I owned out of my wardrobe and trying on everything and probably me crying because I felt so horrible in everything.

“This year I’ve gone out, and I’ve felt amazing. I just felt like a million dollars. I had lots of amazing lovely compliments – I haven’t done it for the compliments I’ve done it for me – but it’s just lovely.”

 Amandae-30wk-40s-pt-che-back-900 Ultimate Performance
What’s more, Amanda’s incredible transformation results have motivated friends and family to follow suit.

“I feel like I’m actually inspiring people. Some people have come and said ‘oh, you’ve been an inspiration, and I’ve done this because of you, or I want to be like you. I just think it’s amazing that such a directed change, which has only taken a few months, can have such an impact not only on me but also on the people around me.”

“I feel like a different person and just so much happier. Mentally this journey has helped me rediscover me, and I think that was the biggest thing for me. I had forgotten who I was, and I’ve found her again.”

Like Amanda, you too can find your way back to yourself through personal training.
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