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Fiona was on the verge of burnout – a classically overworked and stressed-out executive running on red.

Before she crashed, 45-year-old Fiona took steps to bring balance back into her life through meditation.

While it worked to help her mentally and emotionally, there was something missing. Fiona wanted to complete the final piece of her life transformation and get back in shape and on top of her diet.

The professionalism and results-focussed programme at Ultimate Performance Cheshire caught her eye and now 26 weeks later and Fiona has completed a remarkable transformation journey.

Fiona says she looks and feels fantastic after losing 18kg, and getting strong and healthy again.

“Joining U.P. was the best move I ever made – after six months here, I feel the best and most fit that I have ever been!”

“I just feel so much enhanced in my physical wellbeing.

“I look great, and I feel great, and everyone keeps commenting on how good I look, so that’s a further boost!”

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As someone who had been a regular gym-goer, Fiona fell off the fitness wagon a few years ago.

But, instead of making half-hearted attempts at getting back in shape, she decided to take a professional approach.

“I have always known the right things to do, and when I previously trained, I had this sort of diet then as well.

“But sometimes life happens and you get out of step, and you forget about what you should be doing.

“When I was working 12-14 hours a day, sometimes for ease and convenience, I would be running from one sugary snack to another, drinking caffeine and coming home and eating something at 10 o’clock at night.”

This frenetic work life and on-the-fly diet soon caught up with her, however.

Fiona knew things couldn’t keep going on this way, so around two years ago she started making changes.

“I was the stereotypical stressed-out executive – working far too hard, eating the wrong things, not socialising, not seeing friends and family, so I decided to work on myself emotionally and mentally and got into mindfulness and meditation, and I have done quite a lot of personal development from an emotional point of view.

“Emotionally and mentally I was feeling really good but what was missing was an improvement in my diet and also making regular time for exercise and health, and so for me, it was really about introducing that level of balance.”

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Fiona started her training at U.P. Cheshire with an extremely positive attitude.

She had some set goals and was convinced she could smash them all.

Her determination was mirrored in her trainer Claire’s approach, who pushed her to test her limits.

“I walk into the gym, thinking every weight I lift up is easy, and I think that’s half the battle. If you think it’s going to hard and if you think it’s going to be difficult, then you tend to attract difficulty.

“So, yes, I worked hard at the gym, and yes, I worked hard in the kitchen, but my mindset and motivation have been a huge aspect of my success.”

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What Fiona also found incredibly effective about the U.P. programme was how methodical and results-driven it was.

Everything was tracked, measured and monitored to ensure progress towards her goal week on week.

When it came to perfecting her diet, this really worked for her.

“The other vitally important thing is the accountability that we do in the form of daily food tracking.

“It gives me that transparency and accountability about what I put in my mouth, and it also shows my trainer Claire exactly what I am doing.

“So we can then monitor if something is stalling and we are not making that much progress then we can look back at the diet and see whether that needs any adjustments too.”

“My physique has improved incredibly, and there is nothing I enjoy more than working with my trainer and lifting heavy with her.

“She was not afraid to push me, and I am not afraid of being pushed either, which is why I think we have got the results.”

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Her stint at U.P. has resulted in a whole host of benefits, and Fiona is celebrating them all.

With her physical goals being met, she feels that the final piece of her life transformation has fallen into place.

“A lot has happened since the time I joined U.P.

“I feel much lighter, I obviously weigh much lighter on the scales as well. I am much stronger physically; I am sleeping much better.

“I have shed 18kg in weight, and I have seen a huge improvement in my measurement in my thighs, waist, arms – all over actually.

“When I first joined I wanted to do some bodyweight deadlifts, and I have actually now gone way beyond my body weight, and we are aiming to go even further now – so that is a huge improvement.”

Regular physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.
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