12 weeks is all it took for Zhu Ping to drop all his unhealthy habits and get super fit for the first time in his life.

Before coming to Ultimate Performance Singapore, it would be safe to say that Zhu Ping had no idea about fitness and had never exercised or eaten healthily.

Zhu Ping, who is 32, had made a few feeble attempts at exercising using fitness apps in the past, but they quickly fizzled out.

Fortunately, he understood the key to making real and lasting changes was recruiting professional help.

Together with the team at U.P. Singapore, Zhu Ping completely transformed his body and his lifestyle, losing 5kg and halving his body fat.


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“I feel that aside from the muscle and strength improvements, the workout mentality that I’ve learnt has helped me the most.

“I learnt that you cannot outwork a bad diet. And changing my diet was one of the key important factors in getting healthier.”

“The coaching and the skills learnt in U.P. are sustainable; the diets are not based on fads. It’s 12 weeks for a lifetime of adaptable knowledge.”

Before coming to U.P. his health was in the doldrums and there was no rhyme or reason to the exercise and diet programmes he tried.

“There was no proper diet plan or exercise plan. I ate whatever, whenever. I did some training on my own, but it wasn’t very structured.

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I tried to follow some exercise plans on phone apps, but I was not familiar with how to adjust them to my abilities or if I was doing them correctly. I guess I was trying to be as comfortable as I could be instead of trying to push myself hard.

“I was always tired, sluggish, and unable to focus fully. I also realised that being unfit affected the way I was able to function at my worksites.”

Starting working with a personal trainer at U.P. Singapore was a breath of fresh air.

No more guesswork was needed – he could confidently follow the diet and training plan created for him and see the results week on week to know it was working.

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“I think the key difference with U.P. is that you have a structure to follow and it’s actually quite simple if you listen to the directions properly and it is something you can carry on for the long run.

“My diet and lifestyle became more structured. At first, it was because I wanted to be accountable to my trainer, but after seeing results, it became more of an internal motivation to stick with it and do better. Because of the hard training, I also sleep better, and my sleep cycles were also ‘reset.’”

For Zhu Ping, the switch flipped when he started seeing results; regular tracking captured his progress in black and white and motivated him to stick to his training and nutrition plan.

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“I think because the results are so obvious and tangible, I feel like this is something I can sustain over a long period of time. As opposed to my old training where it got a bit discouraging, and you wondered whether you could ever improve.

“The fact that I improved in such a short amount of time is very encouraging for me.”

Zhu Ping didn’t just see his body changing. His health improved too.

Old aches and pains melted away with each passing session.

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“One of the clearest benefits I have seen is that the usual backache I get at the end of a day at the desk is gone. I can rest better, and I can focus better. This helps me at work and also in my social life.”

For Zhu Ping, his time at U.P. was a learning experience – he started off clueless about nutrition and fitness, but his 12 weeks at U.P. equipped him with the knowledge he can use to continue confidently on his fitness journey.

“The most important thing I’ve learned is to not be anxious during the workout and to relax.

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“This is, after all, time dedicated to self-improvement. I think the mental benefits from the training at U.P. are substantial but very underrated.”

Zhu Ping now feels he’s set for life.

He knows exactly how to train and what to eat to maintain his impressive new physique.

“Doing this transformation has given me a good foundation. My trainer Jerome’s clear explanation of the principles of each movement and cues has helped me greatly in understanding each workout.

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“These are skills and information that cannot be learnt except for being coached in a safe environment.

“To people on the fence about joining U.P., I would say – give it a go!

“12 weeks is not a long time, but the benefits both physically and mentally are well worth it. U.P. is a safe space to learn new skills that can be daunting for people stepping into the gym for the first time. The trainers here care. They are effective, tough, and know what they are doing.”

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Zhu Ping is strong, confident, and capable of maintaining his stunning results – Fill in the form to find out more information or to get started.


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