Forty-eight-year-old Sydney businessman Yusuf knew he was just about to cross over into the unhealthy zone forever.

Running his business was playing havoc with his diet – and now heading towards 50, he just couldn’t bounce back like he used to.

Confused about what to do, he got some timely advice from his brother who was in the process of starting a transformation with Ultimate Performance in Dubai.

Yusuf joined U.P.’s 12-week transformation programme in Sydney – however, just nine short weeks later, his transformation pictures were already proudly placed on the famous ‘Client of the Month’ wall.

“I am 48 years old and in the best shape of my life. I have lost 10kg; packed on muscle; gained a six-pack and lost massive amounts of body fat.”


  Yusufd-40s-9wk-pt-syd-front-900 | Ultimate Performance


The situation was very different three months ago. Yusuf had come in for a consultation at U.P. Sydney after a worrying health check with his doctor.

His body fat was over 30%, his blood pressure was high and his cholesterol was through the roof.

Getting a six-pack was not originally on his agenda, he just desperately wanted to get healthy.

From the outset, it was apparent to Yusuf that his diet was his undoing. It also didn’t help that long work hours kept him from exercising regularly.

“My diet and lifestyle were pretty hectic because of my work. I’d usually get up at 5:30 in the morning to open up my business and with all the running around, I usually forgot to eat.

“I would just have a couple of coffees and then about 12:30-1:00 o’clock I would get really hungry and would start eating – usually a big roll with chips on the side, all washed down with a Coke. I just knew it had to change.”

He just knew he couldn’t keep going on this way with his health dashboard flashing red. He had to change, and change his way of life dramatically.

“Since starting the transformation, I’ve got a lot of discipline in my eating habits. It is all due to my trainer – he is constantly on my back; emailing and texting me.

“My food habits are now a lot better. I am eating at the right time and eating the right things – I’ve even got used to broccoli, which I really hate.”

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It just took a couple of weeks for the results to start showing. Yusuf could envisage even bigger changes around the corner and knuckled down to the training and diet regime.

“When you see those grams and kilos dropping, you just want to keep going and do the extra work at home and with your trainer.

“And then obviously towards four to six weeks, you see your biceps bulge up, and you see your abs come out and it feels really great!”

Yusuf was no stranger to training, but the results of the boot-camps he had attended in the past never lasted.

At U.P., the personal training aspect of the programme was the key differentiator for him. With external accountability, he found the mental strength to see the sessions through.

“The problem with the training I’ve done in the past is that I didn’t follow through afterwards.

“I think that was a key; as soon as I dropped those kilos, I just went back into the bad habits.

“Now I feel like because I’ve got a trainer, I need to meet those targets. I know that he’s going to ask questions, and email me, and talk to me about the week. I just wanted to meet his expectations and not let him down.

“It’s really tempting when your family is sitting around having those big feasts and meals. I’ve actually sat through those dinners and lunches and breakfasts, and I’ve actually said ‘no’.

“And I think the results speak for themselves. I’m really proud of myself that I actually stuck to my guns and did it.”

  Yusufd-40s-9wk-pt-syd-back-900 | Ultimate Performance


Yusuf also found a new way to connect with his family. Seeing his results, his daughter and wife also started following his meal plans.

“Me signing up to U.P. has changed all of our lives. My oldest daughter is doing the same meal plan, and she shed some kilos, and now my wife’s doing the same thing. I am so lucky she’s actually eating the same meal plan because she’s preparing my meals as well!”

Apart from the physical changes that are most obvious, Yusuf is reaping the benefits in every area of his life.

“I’ve dropped a few kilos – actually a lot of kilos – I’m going to change my wardrobe, which is great, but the most important thing is that physically I feel so energised.

“With my lifestyle and work I need to get up at 5:30 in the morning and just because of the night’s sleep that I’m having, I feel the day just breezes by. It is just fantastic.

“Mentally, of course, it feels great to look good and see everyone’s amazement. People have obviously noticed that I’m slimming down. They’re shocked at the speed of the transformation. The changes to my physique have been amazing and fast.”

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