Sophie was exhausted of yo-yoing between binge eating and crash dieting – she knew it wasn’t healthy.

She wasn’t overweight, but she also wasn’t fit.

When her New Year’s resolution of exercising failed to even take off; 25-year-old Sophie knew she needed a more structured approach.

Ultimate Performance Sydney came to the rescue.

It was the catalyst she needed for a complete change of direction, both physically and mentally.

Despite being a bit apprehensive at first, Sophie took the plunge and signed up.

She has never looked back and, seven weeks later, has sculpted a figure that she is over the moon with.

“This is my first experience of weight training, and I already feel confident about continuing solo.

“It has been the most rewarding investment I’ve made in myself.”


 Sophiec-20s-7wk-pt-syd-front-900 Ultimate Performance


Coming from a physical state of zero exercise and a chequered history with dieting, Sophie had a lot of bad lifestyle habits to let go of.

“I did my own mini-challenges – I would start a diet which would consist of basically not eating anything healthy, and that would last about 10 days, and then I would go the other way, and I would binge on junk food.

“I would really feel bad afterwards because I kept failing and kept starting and then kept failing.

“So that basically reinforced the idea that I couldn’t do it.”

However, despite the unhealthy habits, and the fear she wasn’t capable of real change, she managed to see really quick results right from the start at U.P. Sydney.

“At the beginning, the goal was to lose body fat and to basically just get leaner.

“And I achieved that rather quickly. So at about the week 7 mark, I decided I wanted to change strategies and actually wanted to put on some muscle mass and gain weight now that I had the body composition that I was after.

“I brought this up with my U.P. trainer, and he was very supportive. I was a bit apprehensive about this because a lot of trainers want to stick to a specific goal and they have an idea of what they want from the photoshoot and don’t really encourage changes.

“So, I was very appreciative of the fact that I could actually speak up and get the most out of the programme.”

 Sophiec-20s-7wk-pt-syd-side-900 Ultimate Performance


Once she got into the groove, she started enjoying the balance she found at U.P. She credits the support and the guidance of her trainer for keeping her on track.

“What I struggled with before was going back and forth between being really good or strict and being really unhealthy.

“At U.P., I have been able to learn about nutrition and training, and so now I feel like I have achieved a certain level of balance where it doesn’t impact my body composition when I do go out and socialise.

“Overall, I feel stronger, more energetic, and almost enjoy eating vegetables.”

For Sophie, having a trainer by her side, guiding her every step of the way has been invaluable.

“My trainer struck the perfect balance between accountability and support.

“He is uncompromising where it counts (pushing me to my limits with training and nutrition), but also collaborative throughout the whole process, catering for an existing injury and modifying my program as my goals developed.

“The program is extremely tough! But the results after just a few weeks surpassed every fitness challenge I had attempted before as well as my own expectations of what I could achieve.”

 Sophiec-20s-7wk-pt-syd-back-900 Ultimate Performance


Sophie has never experienced anything like Ultimate Performance before.

From the team of trainers down to the granular detail of the training and nutrition methodologies behind the transformation process, she has been blown away by her time here.

“The culture at U.P. is unique, with a strong sense of camaraderie. Everyone is welcome, regardless of his or her starting point.

“The support is unwavering, the results are empowering, and the experience is unparalleled.

“Yes, it’s more expensive than other gyms and programmes I had signed up to before, but you learn more here. It’s one-on-one, and you have got your trainer there for you at all times of the day.

“You are learning about the training, about nutrition, and I now have a base level knowledge which I can build on.”

Don’t let diet and exercise failures discourage you from taking the first step towards a healthier you.
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