Oscar went from hiding his body to flaunting his six-pack in just 3 months.

The thirty-one-year-old hadn’t taken off his shirt in front of others – including his own mother – since he was a kid.

His was an extreme case of low self-image, and it was impacting his life and his relationship.

He walked into Ultimate Performance Los Angeles with just one thought on his mind – ‘I need to change.’

Oscar-before-and-after-front-900 Oscar-before-and-after-front-900 Ultimate Performance

Signing up to U.P. was the first step, and the results are a testament to his dedication and effort. 12 weeks later Oscar had dropped close to 20 pounds and 15% of his body fat.

“I have never seen my confidence this high. I have a flat belly; I have never had a flat belly before.”

A self-confessed hard drinker, Oscar, ping-ponged between eating too little during the week and overstuffing himself over the weekends. He was miserable with how he looked and tried to hide in his clothes. But how he felt didn’t stop him from spending his weekends drinking a ton of beer and grazing on snacks.

“I love to eat. On the weekends I would splurge. During the week I would just have one meal a day, and on the weekend, I would go nuts.”

“I would start off my Friday by drinking a lot of beer and eating snacks the whole day. The rest of the weekend was pretty much the same. A lot of drinking, a ton of fast food, and a lot of dairy products.”



“Before my transformation the way I felt about my body was terrible. I guess I wasn’t the most confident person. I felt like I was a handsome man, but my body wasn’t on par with my looks, to be honest. I am just at the beginning of my 30s and felt like a 45-year-old.”

Training hard and changing his eating habits brought about some astounding changes. A great-looking body helped Oscar deal with his low self-esteem; it would be safe to say that training with U.P. transformed not just his body, but also his personality.

“Recently, I showed my mother my body, and it was awesome. She hasn’t seen my body since I was a little kid and to show her as an adult when I am pushing 32 – it’s amazing.”



“My confidence now is through the roof. I get to take my shirt off whenever I want, which is pretty much all the time now. I take selfies galore, and I send them to my boyfriend all the time.”

“It has made me feel like a different person. Just the confidence and the sense of accomplishment to be able to get over the fear of what people thought of my body has been life-changing.”

“My significant other feels that this has opened more doors for our relationship, we are more active, more open – sexually, physically and mentally. It has opened up a lot for us.”

For someone who loves beer, the biggest change has been to break away from all the fun (but unhealthy) eating and drinking habits.




“Drinking was my biggest bad habit. I used to drink beer like crazy. To cut that out was a big, big deal and to achieve that means a lot.”

“Now, after joining U.P., I feel that looking better and feeling better is more important than just drinking through the weekend and eating all these hummuses. The snacks are delicious, but now I look delicious!”

Taking that first step was hard for Oscar, but he knew that sitting in the office the whole day was not going to get him his dream body. His decision to invest in himself and in U.P. really paid off; his new body came with an extra shot of self-confidence and a lifetime of knowledge.


“Coming to U.P. has boosted my confidence about working out by myself. Before, I was pretty timid, which is why I think I did cardio so much. I didn’t have any clue about how to use any of the machines or how to work out, to be honest. And during my time at U.P., I learnt how to use the machines, how to posture my body, how to train different muscles.”

“Seeing my before and after photos was crazy. I couldn’t believe that that was me. I do look like an older gentleman in that picture. Now I look like the age I am; I feel good; I look good.”

“The most powerful lesson I have learnt is that anything is pretty much possible. You have to take steps to get to it. I have learnt how to approach things with patience.”

For Oscar, the hardest step was the first, but the rewards have changed his life for the better  – Fill in the form below to get started today.


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