Natalie went from pudgy to petite in just 12 weeks.

Natalie knew she had the body she wanted hiding under her fat – all she needed was the help of Ultimate Performance Hong Kong to bring it out.

One would imagine that a woman weighing 46kgs would be slim; unfortunately for Natalie that was not the case. Her tiny frame looked unhealthy and more than a bit stout.

Natalie knew she had a good body hidden under all the fat – the challenge was to bring it out. She also knew that exercising on her own was not going to work; she needed help. A friend’s transformation at Ultimate Performance Hong Kong led her to research the gym more, and U.P.’s online reputation convinced her to sign up.


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“When I started with U.P., my body weight was 46.5kg, and my body fat was 22.2% now after 12 weeks of training my body weight is 39kgs and my body fat is around 13%.”

“This summer, I will be wearing a bikini for the first time in my life!”

In Natalie’s case, the culprit was food. She loved eating out, and over time it all slowly added up to a flabby body. U.P.’s personalised nutrition plans helped her understand food better.

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“I like eating out with friends and family and try new restaurants. I didn’t know much about nutrition or portion control – I just loved eating, so I would just eat until I felt full. I thought that was balanced because I knew when to stop.”

“Now, with the advice of my trainer, I am more conscious of what I eat. I know about the importance of macronutrient ratio and portion control for effective weight loss and weight maintenance going forward.”

Under the eagle eye of her trainer, Natalie learnt not just to eat healthily, but also saw some fundamental lifestyle changes.

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“Before joining U.P., my physical fitness and endurance were poor. I could run out of breath easily when I went hiking. Mentally, I did not have the habit of doing exercises, as I did not see any effective results in terms of weight loss, so I would easily give up doing exercises.

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“I think the most valuable thing that U.P. offered to me was the close monitoring of my lifestyle and my diet. For example, my trainer would ask me to fill in the tracker every day to keep track of my steps, my weight, my sleep, and my digestive system. He also asked me to take pictures of every meal and send it to him so he would know what food I was eating and the portions.

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“My trainer also made sure that I had the right form when I exercised. In terms of lifestyle, I now appreciate the importance of having enough sleep and rest. My lifestyle is so much more regular now.”

Fat loss was just one part of the results Natalie got from her time at U.P. – she also saw a massive improvement in body strength and endurance.

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“I would have never thought that I could manage to do a workout with weights three times my body weight. This is so satisfying. I don’t easily run out of breath when I hike now, and I can now try more challenging hiking routes.

“And of course, I have managed to lose weight, and I can wear clothes and pants that I dared not try before. I am actually thrilled that I can wear skinny fit pants. It’s like a dream come true! I very much look forward to trying on a bikini this summer.”

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Like many women, Natalie also started out resistant to the idea of weight training – when she thought of gyms, all she saw was muscled men pumping iron. However, halfway through her programme, she realised she is now addicted to the training.

“In the past, I thought weight training would make women look very muscular and unattractive. Now I know how important weight training is: it helps build muscles, helps build strength and makes your physique look much better.

  Natalie-in-the-gym-smiling-900 | Ultimate Performance


“While people might think that they would need to make a lot of ‘sacrifices’ in terms of money, the food they love and the social life they have with friends because of the training programme and diet control, I would say – it’s worth it!”

“What you would learn from your personal trainer at U.P. would be useful for the rest of your life. Joining U.P. is one of the best decisions I have made in my life.”


With U.P.’s help, Natalie has improved her endurance, doesn’t run out of breath like she used to, and finally has a body she is proud of  – Start your own transformation by arranging a consultation at U.P. now.


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