Lean, muscular and brimming with confidence, it’s almost unbelievable how far Matt has come in 15 weeks. Matt has lost an impressive 8kg and shed half of his body fat, dropping to an incredibly low 6.8%.


After undertaking a transformation with U.P. Sydney, he is now in peak physical shape at the age of 43 — barely four months earlier, he was at a low ebb and faced with the prospect he might never fully regain his fitness.

Physically, he was reeling from a serious Achilles tear, which had halted his training and stopped him playing sports. Mentally, the inactivity, the weight gain and the frustration of sitting on the sidelines was taking a heavy toll.

Months went by where he couldn’t train and, consequently, he was feeling pretty low and depressed.

“I was pretty sluggish, pretty soft, not really feeling the best about myself. The main thing was I didn’t feel like myself. I’d always been fairly active. But four months of not doing very much makes big changes to your body. I really didn’t feel that happy with the way I looked.”


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As someone who loved training and sport, not having that time to exercise and get a sweat on was affecting his mental health.

“When you are inactive for a really long time, it really does start to affect your stress levels, how positive you are about life, and I was certainly feeling very unmotivated and a little bit down, to be honest. I was the most out of shape I’d been in years and frankly a bit depressed from sitting on the couch for weeks.”

Starting an intensive body transformation at U.P was a big step, and Matt’s fear was that he might not even be able to get through it. But having a clear goal in mind gave him the motivation to push himself to the limit in the gym and get back in shape.

With a beach holiday looming and a photoshoot booked in for the end of his transformation to focus his mind and add a bit of positive pressure, Matt committed to achieving the best results he could.

“I’ve always been fairly active, my goal with U.P. was to take my physique that one step further and to reach a potential I felt I hadn’t quite managed to achieve on my own.”

Working with his U.P. personal trainer, helped take his training up a level. There was a real focus on the quality of work, perfecting every rep to stimulate his muscles maximally. Where he had been doing six sessions a week before his injury, his new training program consisted of just four-hour-long, full-body sessions based on the German Body Composition training protocol.

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Using this methodology, Matt was able to achieve some impressive strength gains, including going from 80kg to 150kg for four sets on rack deadlifts.

Following the principle of progressive overload and getting stronger over the 15 weeks was key to helping Matt build his incredible body. Though, the intensity of his training sessions was equally important.

“My trainer was able to manipulate the intensity of training sessions in a way I’ve never experienced with a PT before,” Matt explains.

“My nutrition and training were adjusted at various stages by being open about my energy levels and sleeping patterns. I would say the biggest benefit from working with U.P. is getting myself back into a training mindset.

“I’ve learned so much about what I’m capable of. It’s re-ignited my passion for training and I’m looking to push myself even further.

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His diet consisted of quality sources of lean protein at every meal, plenty of green vegetables and calculated portions of healthy fats and lower glycaemic load carbohydrate sources.

“As the transformation process progressed, I started feeling more motivated towards my training and positive about life.

“I was honestly surprised with what I managed to achieve in 15 weeks. I know it’s a bit of a cliché to say this, but after my first consultation I was told that I would achieve sub-8% body fat. I was pretty sceptical. You kick around a gym for a few years and you think you know what you’re capable of. U.P. blew those expectations away.”

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Matt is no longer a sceptic, but a believer in U.P. Are you ready to find out more or start your own journey? Simply fill in the form below.


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