Jeremy took turning 30 to heart – he really wanted to make a big and positive change to his life to mark this birthday.

A bad breakup had left him feeling low and triggered his desire to look great and become ‘hot on the single’s market’ again.

However, when his DIY attempts at sculpting a good physique fell flat, he lost all motivation and let it all go.

His approaching 30th birthday pushed him to try again, and Jeremy started looking around for a solution – and found Ultimate Performance Amsterdam.

“Looking at my before-and-after picture, I still cannot believe that it was only done in 12 weeks!

“After my transformation, I built significant muscle.

“It made me proud of all the hard work I had done, gave me a lot of positive energy, and it motivates me to continue on this path.”


  Jeremy-before-and-after-front-900 | Ultimate Performance



Jeremy joined U.P.’s 12-week transformation programme and lost close to 6% body fat and built a healthy and active new lifestyle.

“I had already done some workouts before and followed some body plans, but I didn’t make any progress.

“While initially I noticed some progress in my body, I felt I had hit a plateau. My motivation actually declined and I just stopped.

“One of my goals was to be my fittest in my 30s. That’s why I really wanted an intense programme. Also, I had never pushed myself body-wise to do anything like this, and I thought this is a good motivation to do this and enter my 30s the fittest I have ever been.”

Jeremy had the usual lifestyle of a young man in his 20s; luckily his metabolism coped with his bad eating habits and inactive office-to-couch routine.

But he wasn’t happy with it and knew he needed to start making some changes soon – the 30th birthday just turned out to be a good excuse to get started.

“Before U.P., physically I felt average. I was not in my best shape. I just ate what I felt like. I did not have an active lifestyle. During the week after work, I ate, mostly lay on the couch, and went to bed. In the weekend, I went out a lot and did not take much rest.”

  Jeremy-before-and-after-side-900 | Ultimate Performance


But everything changed when he started at Ultimate Performance Amsterdam.

“Here, of course, it’s a complete change to your normal routine – in terms of what you eat, when to eat and training. And to be really committed I had to basically change my life. I focused on getting enough rest, which did not mean I did not go out anymore, but to be more mindful about it (e.g., not every weekend, or until very late) and no alcohol.”

In the beginning, Jeremy thought training combined with work would end up being exhausting, but he found it to be quite the opposite.

“It gave me a lot of rest actually, mostly due to the structure. In addition, seeing and feeling my body transform gave me a lot of positive energy. This was reflected in my attitude at work and towards other people.

“With positive changes happening every week, I felt really motivated to give it all in the gym. At work and at home, my energy levels went up. One of the biggest benefits was that I was able to focus on myself during the transformation fully. I knew it was a starting point of a new chapter for me, personally.

“When I first came in, I thought I have to look better. Everybody’s working out, and I have to do it too. But later, I came to the realisation that I just need to accept myself. I think I am still a bit in the searching mode, but after 12 weeks, I am accepting myself better. I care less about what other people think.”

  Jeremy-before-and-after-back-900 | Ultimate Performance



Jeremy ended his 12-week transformation happy and in a positive frame of mind. For him, U.P. was not just a one-time, quick transformation – he left the gym with valuable skills and knowledge that he can tap into whenever he needs them.

“The two most important things I learned were – knowledge about food: the amount, macros, and the effect on my body. And technique, for example, earlier I used to do the dumbbell press with a lot of kilos, but apparently, I did it completely wrong. Here in U.P., while I went lower in weight, my effectiveness increased.

“I realised working out can be fun, and can make you feel good, impacting other aspects in your environment.

“This will, for sure, benefit me going forward. In addition, I realised that my body is able to transform in a short time, and I’m motivated to go to the next level now with the knowledge gained.

“It’s a great programme, and you learn a lot, and the team and the vibe here in Amsterdam gym is very good. It’s a great place to achieve whatever goals you have. I really enjoyed my time here.”


Jeremy has not only taken control over his body and his fitness, he’s taken time to focus on the new chapter in his life – Arrange a consultation now to discover what YOU can achieve with U.P.


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