You don’t have to let life get in the way of your health, fitness and physique.

Daniel used to be a fit and active elite athlete in his 20s – but then life took over.

With a stressful career and three children, Daniel hit his mid-thirties in the worst shape he had ever been in.

He weighed 137kg and felt tired, achy, old and low on energy – he knew he wanted a change.

 Result-danieln-16wk-front-1 Ultimate Performance

But now at 40 years old he’s back in some of the best shape he’s ever been in after losing 20kg during his 16-week body transformation at Ultimate Performance Sydney.

He has an incredibly lean and muscular new body and his seven-year-old son now thinks he’s a superhero.

“It worked! I lost 20kg in 16 weeks. I came down in pants size from waist size 42 to size 34 – I had to throw out all of my clothes and get new shirts, suits, jackets, jeans.


“I turned 40 in November and everyone keeps telling me I look younger. My seven-year-old son said to me – ‘daddy, you look like a superhero!’

You only have to look at the difference in Daniel just 16 weeks ago to see how far he has come and how much he has achieved in such a short space of time.

Like so many fathers balancing family life and a busy career, his health took a backseat and life had taken a toll on his body.

He wanted to rediscover the fitness he enjoyed in his 20s but didn’t know where to start to get the results he wanted.

“I was an elite athlete in my early twenties so was always active and fit. However, after I got married, had kids, got busy at work, I began to put on the weight. By the time I was 36, I had hit 137kg.”

Physically and mentally he wasn’t in great shape and he saw UP’s body transformation programme as a proven way to make big changes to his life.

“Physically, I was a bit of a mess. I had a lot of aches and pains – chronic sore back, stiff hips, I didn’t sleep well.

“As a father of three kids, I didn’t have the energy I knew I should have to play with them and do fun stuff.



“Mentally, I was always tired, I hated how I looked in all photos, I didn’t like how my clothes fit me, I felt old.

“I realised I needed to get my life back onto a healthy path but found it hard to change years of poor diet and stop-start training.

“I realised what I was doing wasn’t working and I needed to change my entire way of thinking.

So I made the decision to put my faith in an expert and committed myself to following the UP program exactly.”

Daniel saw huge changes when he started his 16-week training programme at Ultimate Performance.

It helped take back control over his diet and give him back structure he needed to be able to make healthier choices that would improve his body composition.

“The best word to describe my diet and lifestyle before the transformation – unbalanced.

I worked all the time, early morning and late and night and as part of my role I would eat out a lot, which translated into a lot of beer and wine, rich and fatty foods, high carb meals and let’s not forget desserts.

“I would eat pasta with the kids, ice cream, chips, cheeses, pizza etc, but you think it’s okay if it’s just over the weekend, but it adds up.

“Basically, there was no plan or structure to my diet, food and drinks was a social and comfort activity for me.

“My diet and lifestyle changed with UP to become much more balanced. I would train in the mornings and have my meals planned out for the day. I started to care about what I put into my body.”

Daniel started to see the results of his hard work in the gym and in the kitchen within a matter of weeks.

His sleep improved, his energy levels were through the roof and he was finally shedding the body fat he had accumulated over the years.

“Within the first 2-3 weeks I immediately started dropping body fat. My chronic back pain started to go away, I was sleeping through the night for the first time in ages.

“At work, my 3pm slump disappeared; I started to drink less coffee.

“On the weekends, my energy levels were much higher, we would go for long walks with the kids, play in the park, go to the beach..

..Before, I was so tired after the working week that I didn’t want to do anything. As I started making progress, I began to feel like my younger self.”

The results Daniel achieved in just 16 weeks were exceptional. His physique is transformed, shedding 20kg and getting down to a lean 12% body fat.

Looking and feeling younger are some of the classic benefits of training with Ultimate Performance and optimizing your health and fitness.

But as well as helping Daniel feel strong, fit and confident again, it’s also helped him improve his performance and productivity at work.

“I enjoyed training early and getting into work early. I found my days to be really productive, I actually found myself going home earlier because I was just getting more stuff done.”

Daniel says the process has been transformative and showed how much you can change at whatever age.


“I think the transformation changed me in that it gave me back my confidence, it showed me that I could make a real change in my life at 40.

“It has allowed me to focus inward and in doing that it’s allowed me to better focus on the things I want to do in my life.

“I feel like I have a better balance across my personal, family, health, work life that I can maintain long term. My relationship with food has changed, I look forward to nice healthy meals and respect the health of my body.

“I feel better physically and mentally and it’s something I don’t want to let slip again.”

The one thing that really stood out for Daniel when coming to UP was the track record for outstanding transformation results and the holistic training methodology that makes them possible

“I would recommend UP to anyone who is serious about making a change in their life.

“Most PTs I spoke to promised to help me lose kgs in weeks with minimal training; basically selling an easy-fix solution.

“What made me decide on UP was, of course, the excellent track record but what resonated most with me was that they didn’t promise me anything – results, not promises.

“What really stood out for me was the holistic approach to training, food, guidance, the constant tweaking of the program and food to keep getting the best outcomes.”

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