Daniel just needed 4 months to regain control of his life and health.

At 43, father-of-three and business owner Daniel was getting sucked down the spiral of ill health.

His body was slowing down, and health problems were popping up with frightening regularity.

In just a few years he had gone from an active football player to an overweight office worker.

When a kidney stone operation forced him into the hospital, he decided it was time to take charge.

He had seen Ultimate Performance transformation stories on the Internet and decided to check out the Singapore U.P. gym. One consultation was enough to get him signed up.

Daniel came to U.P. weighing 105kg, 17 weeks later he was down to 83kg. Even he can’t believe how much he has achieved in a few short weeks.

“The results from my transformation with U.P. weren’t just good; they were fantastic.

“I didn’t expect that I could change to half my original size.

“Seeing the comparisons from start to finish was a real eye-opener and something that will always give me a real sense of achievement.”


 Danielw-40s-17wk-pt-sg-front-900 Ultimate Performance

When he came to U.P., he was not just overweight but also mentally exhausted.

He felt completely out of focus and weighed down by life’s responsibilities and mounting health problems.

“I was drained. Life for me was repetitive, each day the same.

“I felt like I was in a hamster wheel – going round and round, day after day after day – without actually getting any work done.

“I’d be stressed about everything, not eat or sleep properly and for someone who likes to be in control, I wasn’t.” Singapore-web-optimised-1 Ultimate Performance


One big culprit was his love for red meat and red wine.

He enjoyed his big meals but combined with a hectic lifestyle and almost zero exercise, it all became too much.

Daniel knew that what he needed most was discipline and joined U.P., hoping the regimented training programme would pull him out of his rut.

“During my transformation with U.P., my diet changed, but I wouldn’t say it was dramatically.

“What did happen was that I would be eating the right amount of foods at the right times and ensuring that they were ‘clean’ foods.

“The real change from the knowledge gained from U.P. was more about the amount I was eating, what it was doing to me, and when I needed it. Who can argue that having a steak for breakfast is a bad idea!” Danielw-40s-17wk-pt-sg-side-900 Ultimate Performance

Daniel says the process has given him some incredible life lessons that he will carry with him forever.

“Discipline, hard work, focus, and not taking myself so seriously have to be the most important lessons I have learnt during this process with U.P.

“Regardless of the training, all of the challenges you face in life can be overcome with the right focus, discipline, and hard work.

“Your first few visits to the gym at U.P. can be quite daunting, but after a while, you realise every person in there is working towards your goals.

“Having this support around you enables you to let down your guard, be focussed but have fun while you are doing it.” Singapore-web-optimised-2 Ultimate Performance


Four months on, Daniel is a different person – normally shy, he is now confidently taking his shirt off at the beach. But the benefits extend beyond a good looking body.

“The changes in my life due to my transformation with U.P. are ten-fold.

“My energy levels are at the levels I had in my childhood; my focus with work is as good as it has ever been. I am a lot more confident in what I am doing generally – I simply feel sharp.

“The biggest benefits of my transformation at U.P. haven’t even been seen yet. The longer-term health benefit in how I have changed my lifestyle, my outlook in life, and my focus will be evident for many years to come.

“I genuinely feel that I’ve given my daughters another 10 years with their father.”

 Danielw-40s-17wk-pt-sg-back-900 Ultimate Performance

Daniel feels like a man reborn. Now fit and healthy again, he can’t wait to throw himself headfirst into all the amazing things that life has to offer.

“The transformation at U.P. has enabled me to start a new chapter in my life, completely changing my outlook and focus.

“I am dedicated to providing a better life for my family, and by spending time at U.P. I have the guidelines that I can work with which make the task of juggling an overseas family, running a business and maintaining a healthy lifestyle very balanced.

“I walked around the swimming pool, sticking my foot in for a while without actually committing. Now I have. After I have been through this experience with U.P., I wish I had done it earlier.

“I’ve been to many gyms, tried other personal trainers but never enjoyed it as much as I have with U.P. – not just because of the results but because of the people.

“It’s an experience that goes beyond lifting some weights, it’s about creating the right discipline, that right way of living your life. And that’s something I will take home moving forward.”

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