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Dani saw what TV star Gemma Atkinson had achieved at Ultimate Performance Manchester and she wanted the same.

Tired of fad diets and fed up of failed training programmes, she knew U.P. was the place to lose weight and feel strong and confident like Gemma.

Now Dani has gone from feeling overweight and unfit to feeling fabulous in nine weeks.

At the end of her time at U.P. Manchester, she had lost close to 10kg, 10% body fat and 10cm on her waist.

Losing so much in such a short time frame turned her from a shy, baggy-t-shirt-wearing wallflower into a happy, outgoing woman.

“I didn’t really have a weight goal; I wanted to change the way I looked, the way I felt about myself.

“U.P. has certainly helped me lose weight and start to tone up, but I think the mental changes are more significant – it just changes your mindset a lot.”

 Daniellecl-20s-9wk-pt-mcr-front-900 Ultimate Performance


A veteran of the weight-loss world, Dani has tried so many different diets and exercise programmes advertised on social media.

She expected U.P. to be something similar, so to say she was shocked would be an understatement.

“I did buy into things like Insanity, celebrity trainers, and apps to work out at home. So when I saw this, I thought ‘Why don’t I just save up and stop wasting my money on things like that?’

“I expected it to be like every other gym and that was the first mistake I made; you think that you are going to come in, do a training session, and go home.

“You don’t realise it’s going to be 24/7 contact with the personal trainer. But that’s the best thing about it.”

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She had done weight training before and had, of course, tried a series of diets as well.

But U.P. turned all her previous ideas upside down – she found that she ate more food than ever, lifted heavier weights, and still got slim and toned.

“When I was training before U.P., I wasn’t eating much. I would skip breakfast and have a protein shake for dinner. Now I eat a lot more and it’s nice food. I have tried a lot of new things as well.

“I did a little bit of weight training before, but I thought it was more like what men did when you went to the gym.

“When I did it before everything seemed to get bigger and I thought that’s what it did, but it does make you lose weight and slim down.”

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Dani says the precision and quality of personal training at U.P. is like nothing she has ever experienced before.

The attention to detail on every rep and set is worlds apart from her old routines.

“Here at U.P., it is all about the form and the correct way of doing things.

“Before, I used to just get the exercise out and get it finished because it hurt my knees. When I mentioned it, it was all sort of brushed off – I was told ‘don’t be so soft.’

“Whereas here at U.P. I was listened to and given a solution – like ‘pull your shoulder blades together’ or ‘move your feet apart’ and it stopped hurting!

“You wouldn’t think that just these little tweaks could make such a difference.

“Now I can lift and not be in pain.”

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Without a doubt, the magic ingredient for Dani was her trainer and the U.P. methodology.

She knew her goals would be impossible to achieve on her own, and she makes no bones about the fact that her PT is the person who made her transformation possible.

“If you have a goal, you can achieve it; you just have to put the steps in place to get there.

“You can’t do something like this on your own. It’s really hard because you need a lot of willpower, so you need someone behind you to keep you focused.

“You look at the (results) wall out there, and you think ‘no, it is not possible in 12 weeks.’ But if you put in the training, follow everything to the T and listen to your PT and you will get there.

“You have been given all the tools; the only thing stopping you is you.”

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Dani has gained a whole new steely mindset as well as a figure she can feel proud about.

“You come in here thinking ‘I want to look a certain way or weigh this much’, but you don’t just transform the way you look, you transform your mental ability.

“I have learned that I have more willpower than I realised. I didn’t realise I could push myself so much.”

“I definitely reached my goal, which was to lose weight and feel better. But now I have new goals – I am going to tone up and just rock my bikini. And then maintain it.”

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