When 36-year-old Chee Koon saw ‘84kg’ flashing up on the weighing scales he got a shock.

His hectic job as marketing head at a large insurance company and a happy-go-lucky lifestyle had left him overweight.

He instantly jumped into exercising and running, and while he lost a little weight initially, he quickly hit a plateau.

That’s when he came to Ultimate Performance to get expert help to win back his health.

“When I started with U.P., I was initially quite sceptical, but after one or two weeks of training, I started seeing the results and started believing in the programme and the trainer. The transformation has been very incredible. I see a slimmer version of me in the mirror.”

CK, as he is known, lost 10kg and over 13% body fat in just 13 weeks. The biggest change was in his waist size. His round body shape disappeared when he lost 16cm on the waist – more than a centimetre per week.


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“I thought staying happy and having a happy life is good enough. So even though I was exercising, I didn’t really watch my diet and alcohol intake. After a while, it took a toll on my body.

“I decided on U.P. to start my transformation journey because I saw quite a fair bit of transformation results from the clients; their testimonials and before and after pictures were incredible.”

CK was not new to the world of fitness; he had always been active and played a whole range of sports.

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Over the years, he has also experimented with various gyms and high-intensity workout classes. But nothing seemed to work to get him lean. In the end, it was U.P.’s incredible combination of nutrition and training that finally got him the results he so desperately wanted.

“After I started the transformation programme at U.P. my diet changed drastically; I started being more conscious of the things that I ate.

“Once you start to see results coming in, you start to believe in the philosophy of U.P. – the training programme, the diet plans, and the trainer. That is when the intrinsic motivation comes in, and you start to be self-disciplined even without the trainer nagging at you!”


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However, training hard can be tiring, and it wasn’t always a smooth and easy journey. He learnt to lean on his trainer and followed his lead.

“I think some of the things that I learnt during the journey is one must have discipline and trust the U.P. trainers – that they know what they are doing, they know why it’s good for you, and they know how to help you achieve your goals.

“Having a tracker is an important part of the programme. As you go along, there will be days where you feel tired, wondering why are you eating clean, what are you training so hard for. That’s when having a tracker will come in handy as you look back at the progress and it helps to motivate you.”

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It was all worth it in the end. CK not only lost body fat he also saw some other benefits that impacted his life beyond just the physical. For someone who started quite half-heartedly, he’s now become a huge advocate for U.P. at his office.

“This has been an incredible journey for me. I feel more energetic and sharper in my mind. Every day when I wake up, I feel more prepared to take on the rigours of life, work, and family.

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“Almost daily, I have two or three colleagues asking me what I did because they really see an incredible change during these past few weeks. They ask me to share my secrets.”

“I do share what I am doing – my diet plan, etc, but I also tell them that they wouldn’t get the same results because the training programme at U.P. is really customised to each individual and the trainer at U.P. really fine-tunes the programme as we go along. As you lose weight the diet plan changes.

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“I always tell them ‘come with me to the gym and I will introduce you, and hopefully you will be motivated to join’.

“I would say to anyone who is interested in the programme and is still thinking about whether or not start the programme – just show up, believe the trainer, believe the U.P. philosophy and the rest will take care of itself.”


With his new body, Chee Koon finally feels capable in taking the on “the rigours of life,” and U.P. can help you in the same way – Fill in the form to find out more information or to get started.



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