Christoph was 46 and he could feel himself slowing down and he wasn’t happy with his dwindling fitness levels.

Physically, he wasn’t massively overweight but he just didn’t feel great.

In fact, he realised that he looked at his body as something to conceal rather than be proud of.

So, when he saw his colleague’s transformation at Ultimate Performance London City, he grasped that this was a great way to bring some improvement in his life.

 Christoph Ultimate Performance Transformation Ultimate Performance

“I feel really good now, and it’s been a great experience. Effort-wise, it’s only focused training 2-3 times a week and bits and pieces around lifestyle change.

“The training and the change in nutrition is a very powerful combination if you look at the results. What you get out of it is a lot more than what you put in.”

Christoph had just completed two or three sessions in the gym before the lockdown clamped down on daily life and forced U.P. to close its doors.

His trainer quickly adapted and the rest of his programme was completed virtually. But even without the regular gym sessions, he managed to drop 16kg of body weight and changed his body composition completely from 30% body fat to 15%.

 Christophe Ultimate Performance Transformation Side Ultimate Performance

When 46-year-old Christoph thinks back to before, he remembers feeling himself slowing down and sensed a growing sense of dissatisfaction with his fitness levels and general lifestyle.

He didn’t come to U.P. with very specific goals, rather a general desire to improve his lifestyle, physique and to lose some weight.

“I didn’t come in with a certain figure or certain targets. I didn’t put any number to my goals.

“It wasn’t about dropping a certain number of kilos, lifting a certain weight. This was partly because I didn’t know what was possible in this short period of time.”

 Christoph Ultimate Performance London Results Ultimate Performance

When the coronavirus pandemic hit and strict measures were put in place, U.P. helped Christoph step up and keep his progress rolling.

Christoph says it proved to be his salvation during a tough and uncertain time.

“Lockdown was initially quite challenging, but U.P. was a real lifeline during a difficult period for me – working from home and all the change that came with that.

“Having regular sessions was a very helpful routine. U.P. did everything possible to make progress still available to clients.

“Their reaction to the lockdown was very quick, and they kept the programme going on camera, with equipment, with recommendations, with nutrition. I thought that was incredible.”

 Christoph Pulldown Ultimate Performance

Christoph came out of the lockdown a new person, and it wasn’t just about weight loss or a chiselled physique.

Like many pushed into difficult and solitary lives during the pandemic, he also introspected during this time, and U.P.’s session became a driving force in this regard.

“It made me realise how important it was to have some structure. And even though you have a lot less space physically, just to have the fixed points on the diary makes it so much more organised.

“My journey made me realise how important it is for your mental wellbeing to have these kinds of objectives and structure in your life.”

This transformation process has been so much more than just working out and losing weight.

It has been a real journey of self-reflection and learning for Christoph.

“I mainly learnt about my body, how nutrition works, training and techniques and also my own psychology – the little weaknesses and little excuses.

“It’s a lot more than lifting weights and understanding how training works. For me, it was more about motivation and working on weaknesses.

“It’s not pretty because you have to admit you are not as strong as you want to be, but it’s necessary to recognise it to work on it. And that translates into other areas of your life as well.”

 Christoph Ultimate Performance Transformation Back Ultimate Performance

For the small number of hours each week Christoph had to commit, the rewards have been orders of magnitude bigger.

“I dropped a lot of weight at U.P., and I increased my range of movement, which was unexpected.

“I improved self-confidence because the body transformation is about the range of movement, strength and appearance but also about giving you a
sense of achievement.

“There is no magic to it; you have to do it yourself. U.P. provides a good programme, but you have to make it work yourself. So, that sense of achievement does do quite a lot for self-confidence.”



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