“Within a month, I started to feel a real difference. My stomach deflated a lot and I’d lost a lot of weight.”

A voracious appetite, uncontrolled drinking and smoking a pack of cigarettes a day had ‘ruined’ Chris’s health.

The cumulative effects of the 38-year-old’s bad habits left him feeling ‘disgusting’ about himself and entirely out of shape as he closed in on 40.

Chris has tasted success before in the gym. He’d whipped himself into shape in his early twenties – so knew what it took to pack on lean muscle and slim down.

But transforming his body this time around was a different challenge altogether. His health had slipped so far, he knew he needed professional support – so reached out to Ultimate Performance.

Chris would be the first to admit his self-discipline let him down in the past. An accountable personal trainer’s support kept him on track as he stuck to his plan that was melting away fat.

A 26-week training plan has helped Chris look better than ever at 38 and leave his smoking and drinking habits behind.

He thanks going back to basics with his trainer for his 26kg transformation, as he focused on eating healthy, protein-filled food and going all in on compound exercises.

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What was your motivation to begin a transformation with U.P.?

I had just become so out of shape and felt disgusting in myself. I knew I had to do something to my body because the drinking, smoking and overeating were ruining me. I had a friend who had been with U.P. a few years ago and she recommended it – all I’d heard about this place was good things.

Before I joined U.P. my fitness levels were absolutely dire. I’d had success in my twenties and early thirties when I trained, so I knew what I was doing. But I knew how far away I was from my old self and realised that it would take either a lot of dedication or professional help to get me back to where I wanted to be.



How quickly did you notice results?

The weight started coming off immediately and I saw results very quickly. Within a month, I started to feel a real difference. My stomach deflated a lot and I’d lost a lot of weight.

I’m really proud of how far I’ve come. I did worry that I’d be one of those cases where someone joins the gym for six months and looks the same at the end as they did at the start. But that wasn’t the case and I’m thrilled with how it’s turned out. My wife is now signing up and joining in a couple of weeks!



How did you find the training environment at U.P.?

I really enjoyed the environment and meeting everyone in the gym. It’s a very positive environment and was conducive to promoting success. Everyone at U.P. is succeeding and doing well, so when you see that, it spurs you on and you can’t help but want to improve yourself. It’s an encouraging place to be, not just because of the trainers but the other clients as well. Everyone is working hard and benefiting from the results – you won’t hear a bad word about this place.



How helpful has your trainer been during your transformation?

My trainer has always been accessible. I’d message him at awkward times with strange questions, but he would always reply. I’m not expecting a reply on a Sunday afternoon or Tuesday at five in the morning, but he will read my bizarre nonsense and always make an effort to get back to me. I always felt he was approachable and that I could get in touch and ask questions.

I also had a holiday halfway through my plan. I went away for about two weeks and was worried that I might fall back into a pattern of bad behaviour and come back heavier. But my trainer was really helpful and gave me a realistic plan that I could adhere to while I was away, which meant I could enjoy myself.



What benefits did you feel from working with your U.P. trainer?

Aside from the physical benefits, I definitely improved my mental state. As I touched upon, I was drinking all the time and smoking quite a lot prior to joining U.P. – I just wasn’t happy. I think I was just self-medicating, but now those habits are behind me. I’m more focused on activity, exercise and living a healthy life and my mood has improved.

It’s visible in my before and after pictures. You can see in the first few shots of the first month I look miserable, but over time it slowly progresses. I just became happier and happier and couldn’t help grinning.



What would you say the most valuable part of training with U.P. was?

Definitely the accountability. If I was on my own, I don’t think I would have been able to maintain my diet and stick to the plan. If I was to track it at home with no one watching over my progress I would have found it impossible to succeed. I’ll be honest, I’m not very self-disciplined, so having someone to report to helped me get the results I wanted.


Chris rebuilt his life in just a matter of months after slumping to his lowest point. If you want to start making a change to your body, a targeted U.P. training program focuses on improving your physical and mental health through methods you can trust. Find the plan for you today.


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