Turning 40 is a big milestone for everyone – Chris was no different.

He wanted to enter his 40s with a great body, but at 38 he weighed 194 lbs and the measuring tape went all the way up to 100 around his waist.

He knew DIY fitness was not going to cut it, and seeing a friend’s amazing transformation at Ultimate Performance motivated him to sign up too.

Now, after 15 years of chasing fitness, he is proud of the body he has built in 18 short weeks and his hard-earned six-pack abs.

“It’s been a huge change – from the embarrassing photos at the start to now, when I am more than eager to show people my topless pictures. I am proud of what I have done.”

Chris lost 7.5″ from his waist and is now 29 lbs lighter and leaner. All it took him was 18 weeks.


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Thinking back to before his transformation, life was very different for Chris.

His job as a property treaty underwriter involved a lot of alcohol-soaked dinners with clients and hectic fast food-filled days.

“I was drinking alcohol on a regular basis. Also, I was so busy with work and in between meetings that I would literally just eat on-the-go at fast food restaurants, and not the healthy stuff! Pizza, burgers, chips, kebabs and snacky foods were all present in my diet before U.P.”

All that changed when he stepped into the gym at U.P. and, surprisingly, Chris discovered a new-found love for healthy food.

“Before U.P., I never really ate many vegetables, but once I started my U.P. diet and started including them more; I now love them! I started preparing my meals for work and found that if I ate volumes of veggies, I would stay full! With work situations, I found ways to drink less and make healthier food choices.

“What you put into your diet is so important, and I think that you just have more strength by eating whole foods and being sensible, so your training works better.”


Chris says what really kept him motivated and accountable to his goal was learning to track and monitor his diet and training.

Taking a more scientific approach to body transformation where he could see the direct results of his efforts was a game-changer.

“U.P.’s fitness approach of measuring yourself every day means you account for stuff daily. If you measure yourself every week, then you think ‘I have a week to correct that.

“If it’s every day, then there is no hiding place.”

The training and healthy eating kicked in after a few short weeks, and Chris was amazed at how good he felt – not just physically, but also mentally.

“I always felt tired and lethargic, without really noticing it. Before U.P., I thought slow and lethargic was just normal until I actually got healthy and realized what it felt like to have loads of energy.”

“When you think of a gym or any kind of fitness, you think it’s just about your body.”

“I learnt that even though people do come here for a specific goal, there are more benefits than one. Energy, image, confidence, and health all see improvement.”

As he gained strength and muscle, Chris also started getting a lot of compliments from people around him. Even for a modest and practical man, he thoroughly enjoyed the reactions of his friends and colleagues.

“The fact that I could see my abs was the biggest benefit, it was a big goal of mine. I can’t stop looking at my body or touching my arms or my stomach – not in a chauvinistic way, just in a proud way like, ‘oh wow! I can actually feel my stomach. I can actually feel my arms!’

“It’s awesome to buy suits that you used to wear when you’re like 18 or 19.

“I did this transformation for myself, and I have done myself proud, but the positive feedback I got from other people was the icing on the cake.

“The biggest change is when people whom I haven’t seen for a number of months see me. They all ask ‘What have you done with Chris?”

Getting his dream body has changed the way Chris thinks. Achieving so much in such a short period of time has made him wonder what else is achievable.

“I think it lets me know what I am capable of. I didn’t think I would be able to get my physique the way I have now, but now I know that with a little hard work, patience, and accountability I can make big changes!

“My body feels healthier, stronger and without sounding strange, I just feel more comfortable in my skin.

“I’ll be honest, I’ve been paying for personal training for 10-15 years, and none of them worked, and they weren’t cheap either. So, for me, three months here is a hell of a lot cheaper than 15 years of no results.

“U.P. is a top quality personal training service which leaves no room for error. The diet, training, and accountability that is given make sure you get results; you just have to be willing to put in the work.”

It’s no wonder that Chris is beaming and happy in his after photo – he’s finally found personal training that delivers real results.

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