Former Coronation Street favourite Catherine Tyldesley wanted to take on her own 12-week challenge to see what she could achieve with three months of discipline, dedication and consistency.

Catherine, who is known for her role as Eva Price in the ITV soap, says she wanted to lose a bit of weight and get stronger, leaner and really accentuate her feminine curves.

Catherine had previously been overweight as a teenager, wearing size 22 clothes but over the years she has managed to lose the weight and train regularly with U.P. After three months of rehabilitating an old glute injury, Catherine wanted to take her training up a gear to tone up and get definition back after having her son Alfie.

Building on the changes to her diet, lifestyle and exercise habits Catherine has previously made working with U.P., in just 12 weeks she has managed to lose weight, shed body fat, and build strength and lean muscle to sculpt her perfect figure.

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Catherine has gotten stronger and stronger while dropping two dress sizes and seeing her body fat come down to a lean and toned 12%, thanks to her training and nutrition program.

“I feel totally different to how I felt 12 weeks ago – mentally and physically, I feel the best I’ve ever felt in ages.

“When I started it, I had put weight on. I was probably a large size 10, bordering on a 12 in some clothes. I’m a size 8 now.

“Yes, I wanted to drop a bit of weight, but it wasn’t really about the weight loss, it was about the challenge and about being stronger than I ever have been before.

“But as a byproduct, I have dropped quite a bit of body fat and my body has changed.

“I feel more energised and stronger, mentally and physically, than I have done in such a long time. I’ve just loved every second of it.”

Catherine has trained with Ultimate Performance for a number of years, and has always been in good shape and developed a great foundation of knowledge on diet and training to keep her fit and healthy for life.

But she says she had never tested herself and done an intensive transformation program with U.P., until now.

“My goal when I started this 12-week transformation was to get stronger and I wanted more definition.


“I am a curvy girl. I’m always going to have boobs and a bum and I love that. I embrace that.


“But I look at somebody like J-Lo or Eva Mendez, who have that definition. They’re very toned but they’ve still got their curves. I wanted to aim for something like that.”

Catherine’s trainer, Steve, set up a bespoke diet and training plan designed around these body goals that would help her build strength and sculpt her curves.

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“So, ‘Evil Steve’ just got more evil. We had done 13 weeks of rehab on an old injury. So I was so ready to train properly again.

“It was hard from the beginning, but the stronger I got, the more he pushed me, the more he increased my calories, the better I felt, the stronger I felt.

“Whenever I left the gym, even if I was in a bad mood coming in, I always left in a good mood and felt so much better.


“I got quite competitive with how much I was lifting. So every time it got a bit heavier, I was like ‘yes!’ It’s just such a buzz.”


Within weeks, Catherine started to see her body changing from training and the consistency she was getting from her diet.

This was a great motivator to keep pushing on towards her 12-week goal.

“I started to see little changes that I’ve never seen before.

“I started to see little lines at either side of my stomach that I’ve never had before and for me, I’ve always had big legs, and I’ve seen them change more than ever before.

“When you either lose a lot of weight or when you’ve been pregnant, sometimes you can have a lot of loose skin on your stomach and things don’t necessarily ping back, but I think my stomach actually looks better than it did before I had Alfie, which is just wonderful. Evil Steve is a miracle worker!”

Catherine’s glute and hamstring injury, which had bothered her since the birth of Alfie, had meant she suffered constant pain down her leg.

By the end of the 12 weeks, this had gone.

“With Steve’s help we’ve completely rectified that and my legs are stronger than ever now. That has probably been the biggest difference for me.”

Catherine is absolutely thrilled with the results she has achieved.

Over 12 weeks, she lost 2kg, but it’s not been about the number on the scales. It’s been about getting back to her best, fitting into clothes better and feeling strong, confident and healthy.


“I feel confidence is the key word in all of this, especially when you’re a mum. I think after Alfie, my confidence was down.


“It takes a long time to feel yourself again and there are certain parts of my body – my stomach, for example – after having Alfie I thought ‘well that’s never going to be the same again’.

“But actually it is now, with the right training and the right knowledge and the right nutrition.

“I’m super strong, but I feel like everything is tightened up and I’m seeing that little bit more definition.”

 Cath-tyldesley-ultimate-performance-diet-training-transformation-8 Ultimate Performance

Nutrition has made a huge difference to Catherine’s body, both inside and out.

Catherine has always eaten well and lived healthily but during her transformation, she really honed in her diet.

It has been little tweaks to her diet that have made the biggest difference.


“What you’re putting into your body is going to show in your skin, in your hair, in your nails, in your mood, in your energy levels.


“To me, it’s the most important aspect of looking after yourself is what you’re putting into your body.

“Honestly, the changes that I’ve made are not complicated. They’re much simpler than I thought they were going to be.

“And they’ve made the biggest difference to my life and to my family’s lives because these skills I’m going to pass on to my son now and hopefully he will maintain them.”

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For Catherine, working with U.P. has always been about learning the skills and gaining the knowledge to master her diet and training, and be able to maintain her results for life.

“The knowledge that I have gained from U.P. over the years is absolutely priceless. For me as an individual, and for me as a mother.

“I want to make sure that as a family we stay active and we look after our bodies and that we’re eating the right things, and you really get that education from U.P. It’s life-changing.

“Moving forward, I would never go back to my old lifestyle because I feel so much better now.

“This is going to sound really cheesy, but I honestly think this 12-week transformation has given me a new lease of life. Genuinely.”


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