Catherine spent most mornings picking apart her body in front of the mirror.

Every fad diet, gym class or Instagram workout had failed.

Wanting to look her absolute best for her wedding day, Catherine decided to give weight loss another go – this time – with an Ultimate Performance personal trainer in her corner.

That decision has turned out to be one of the best things she ever did.

Catherine-before-and-after-front-900 Catherine-before-and-after-front-900 Ultimate Performance

After 18 weeks of training, Catherine had dropped three dress sizes.

The tailors were unsure if her wedding dress could be altered any further but after a nerve-wracking week, she got her dress back and felt amazing walking down the aisle in it.

 Catherine-before-and-after-side-900 Ultimate Performance
“The dress fit perfectly on the day. It meant that I felt really confident which was one less thing to worry about on an already fairly intense day!

All of Catherine’s guests complimented her on how great she looked too.

“I did have some very sweet comments from my family and friends on the day when I was in my dress — mainly about my ‘guns’!”

Catherine-wedding-web Catherine-wedding-web Ultimate Performance


Catherine is enjoying her transformation beyond her wedding day and is finally happy with her body, no longer constantly putting herself down.

In just 18 weeks Catherine has gone from constantly criticising her body to being proud of what it can do.

 Catherine-in-the-gym-smiling-900-web Ultimate Performance

Catherine’s advice for anyone feeling how she did but is unsure of starting U.P. is, “Just do it. It’s the best thing you’ll ever do.”

 Catherine-in-the-gym-smiling-with-trainer-900-web Ultimate Performance

Fitness has changed Catherine’s life entirely, just in time for her wedding day. If you got a big occasion on the horizon, start your own personal training plan. Get started and book a free consultation here. 


  • We show you the best, we don't show you the worst.
  • We show you people who follow the plans, not those who are all talk.
  • We show you those who inspire even us with their commitment to their results.
  • You cannot get results exactly like these. You are unique and that means you can only get your own best possible results.
  • Your results are a function of time spent following the plan; your genetic response to the right exercise and diet program; how hard you train; how consistently you come to the gym; how disciplined you are with your diet; & your starting point.
  • Oftentimes the lower your starting point (poor fitness, terrible body composition) the better your results.
  • We cannot do the work for you and the results you see here are a testament to the work ethic of our clients.
  • Our reputation is that we are the best trainers in the world for helping you to unlock your potential, & we can lead you to the door, give you the key, even turn the handle and push the door open, but we cannot walk through it for you.
    In the end the result is down to you.

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