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Carolyn, a 28-year-old commercial analyst, just wanted to lose weight and regain the body she’d had at college.

She had gone Paleo, and tried every other diet and workout plan out there to get in the shape she wanted.

But nothing had worked, and years of failed diets had taken a heavy toll on her confidence and self-image.

After her remarkable 15-week transformation with the help of Ultimate Performance, City of London, Carolyn is 11kg lighter, she’s halved her body fat, and best of all she feels happy and confident in her body again.

“It feels amazing! I honestly never thought I could get back to my college weight. I was shocked because, I’ve been trying for years.

“Every single diet, every single type of workout and I couldn’t make it happen.

“I even talked to people who said it wasn’t possible; they told me I’d never look like how I did at 22 years old.

“They were wrong. I’ve surpassed how I looked in my college years. I’m thrilled!”

A former gymnast in her school days, she had begun gaining weight when she stopped competing, and no matter what she tried she couldn’t shift it.

I had tried every single diet and exercise regime and couldn’t get the body that I wanted. So I did this whole U.P. experience to see if that was even possible.”

The weight gain had really gotten her down and, like many people, felt helpless to change it on her own.

“My body before U.P. London City reduced my confidence levels a lot. I lived in New York previously to living in London and you’re surrounded by beautiful people all the time, so it can take a mental toll on you and really knock your confidence in your self-image.


“I wasn’t happy with how I looked, I wasn’t happy getting dressed in the morning on a day to day basis.”


Carolyn ate healthily and exercised regularly before she started her transformation with U.P. – but the thing she really needed was diet plan that worked for her body, and the knowledge on nutrition to incorporate it into her lifestyle to make the lasting changes she wanted to make.

“I followed the paleo diet before U.P. and I thought this would be enough to give me the results I wanted.

“I’ve always been an active person and loved working out, but I never got to the level I wanted with my body.

My lifestyle was quite healthy before so coming to U.P. City went hand in hand with this. I was given a detailed plan for my diet which was simple but made sense.

“It was comforting to know that I had a plan to stick to rather than just following paleo and eating whatever I wanted in those guidelines.”

 Carolyn-weight-loss-transformation-15-week-ultimate-performance- Ultimate Performance



Carolyn says the biggest mistake she made with her diet before starting her transformation was not having calorie targets that were right for her body.

“I would follow a certain type of diet but it was never personalised to me.

“Having the diet personalised to me made the biggest difference in my nutrition.


“I had full confidence in eating the foods I was told to at U.P. because I was getting the results every week to prove that it was working.


“Even towards the end, the weight and body fat drops slowed down because I was getting quite lean, but this was managed and I still saw the results every time I had an assessment on my progress with my trainer Kevin.”

It was having a training and nutrition plan that was tailored for her body and her goals that helped her lose the weight, lean up and sculpt a figure she says is better than when she was at college.

“The most important thing I learned was that you need to do what fits you as an individual. Simply following a diet or exercise regime that you find online will not be enough because it’s too general.

“At U.P everything is tailored to you. The workouts can be switched to make certain exercises suit your body and how you move.

“My trainer, Kevin, would make little changes to both my training and diet based on how I was progressing. So it was a big relief to see the results when you stick to the plan you are given.”


 Carolyn-weight-loss-transformation-15-week-ultimate-performance-back Ultimate Performance

Now Carolyn is leaner and 11kg lighter – but she’s not just changed the way she looks, but she’s also transformed the way she feels.

Going from feeling disheartened about her body, she now feels strong and confident again.

“As my lifestyle was always health-driven, I would say the biggest impact this process has had has been on my confidence levels.

“This transformation has given me back control. I was a gymnast back in school, but when I stopped gymnastics I couldn’t stop gaining weight and I didn’t know why.

“I was able to get it back in college but after that it spiralled again. I now feel like I have total control over how my body looks. This is a powerful feeling that feeds into my work and social life as well as in the gym and kitchen.

“I feel happier shopping, I feel happier going out with friends and I’m much more confident in dating. So overall, I just feel better in every aspect of my life.”



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