Caroline was going through a tough time and was looking for a positive focus in her life to feel good about herself again.

After finishing university, 25-year-old Caroline had struggled with depression and found herself in a place where she felt unhappy in her own skin.

She was stuck in a cycle of comfort eating and then punishing herself for it.

Looking for a lasting change in her life and the tailored support to achieve it, she came to Ultimate Performance.

With a dedicated trainer by her side helping her learn the ropes of exercise and nutrition, she built up healthy new habits and lost 24kg (53lbs) in the process.

  Ultimate Performance

“The first time I saw my ‘before and after’ pictures, I laughed because the ‘before’ picture didn’t look like anybody I would recognize.   

“Now that I look back at it, I don’t feel like I was ever that person. I feel sad for that person.   

“Now I am a completely different person, and people around me have also said that more than I expected. A lot of people have told me that now I look a lot happier and more confident.”   

Caroline had been thinking about enrolling at U.P. for years, but something always conspired to make her keep putting it off.

But going through a depression and coming out of the other side led her to focus on her mind and body by getting fit and healthy.

“The reason why I wanted a transformation was because I was really unhappy with the way I looked and the way I felt about my body and even mentally. But being a university student, I was too busy focusing on my studies.  

“I used to do comfort eating and then punish myself for it. I worked out later but with an unhealthy mindset, and I kind of wanted to restart.   

“After my graduation, I had a meltdown, and I ended up going on antidepressants and doing therapy to treat my depression.   

“So, through that, I realized that my next step had to be to get a trainer and actually make a difference.”

 Ultimate Performance London City Caroline Back Ultimate Performance

While it felt daunting starting a transformation journey at U.P., she found it gave her a positive focus.

With a goal to aim for, life quickly began to change for Caroline.

“On my first day at U.P., I was really scared as I didn’t know what was going to happen. However, after I finished my first session, I was quite happy. It was all new and I hadn’t done anything like that before.

“Also, it was a bit overwhelming since I’m a perfectionist, so it was tough not to get a move straight.

“Training here gave me a routine, and now that I’m out of the university, I didn’t have any goals, so it gave me that goal and something that I could actually focus on.

“It felt nice to have a mini project going on for myself. I trained three times a week, and though every session was hard, the trainers were nice and supportive.”

Caroline’s diet and eating habits had constantly been a source of struggle and anguish.

But her trainer tailored a diet that fit into her lifestyle and helped her build up healthy habits again.

 Ultimate Performance Caroline Pb Ultimate Performance“Earlier, my attitude towards diet and exercise was to punish myself for a decision that I made, whereas now I’ve realized that there’s no need to do that and actually stress is the worst thing for your body.

“Now I’m a lot healthier in my food choices and in my attitude towards exercise as well.

“I do it for health reasons because I can feel the benefits internally rather than because I want to look a certain way or because I want to fit as per a certain idea.”

Consistent training and eating at Ultimate Performance helped Caroline make the most of her time, even during the period when the whole world came face to face with a pandemic.

She took it all in a positive way, and the results she achieved speak volumes.

 Ultimate Performance London City Caroline Side Ultimate Performance

“I started at U.P. in February, and by the end of March, we had a national lockdown, so I took the training sessions online. I had one facetime video session, and the other two times, I worked out on my own with a program that my trainer had written.

“I still lost 8-10kg (18-22lbs) in those couple of months, and the lockdown program actually turned out good for me. It gave me something to think about.

“Recently, it was my friend’s 25th birthday, and we were celebrating. While we raised a toast for her, my friends also raised a toast for me and mentioned how they think I’m really strong, and they look up to me. It feels really good because these are friends who never showed any interest in diet or exercise.”

Yes, Caroline has lost an amazing 24kg (54lbs) and reshaped her body. But it’s perhaps the impact completing a transformation program has had on her mindset which has been the most life-changing.

Now she feels like nothing is impossible.

“Throughout this whole experience, I’ve learned so much about nutrition and diet as well as about the form when we’re exercising. I want to continue training until I feel completely confident that I can go about it on my own. But I’m quite inspired now to try new things that before I was scared, I wouldn’t be very good at.

“With this transformation at U.P., I have proven to myself that I can start something which I know nothing about at all, and if I work hard, I will get better at it. So it has changed my mindset in that respect. I’d just say one thing to everyone out there who are either thinking about joining U.P. or wants to get a transformation, ‘Just do it!’.”



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